kelly.hughes81 9:13pm, 23 February 2014
can anyone recommend a site or course to learn the basics....
I am struggling to get to grips with shutter speeds, ISO and aperture .....
Someone told me to look at my histogram but unsure of what the histogram is supposed to look like, from what Ive read there is no ideal looking histogram..... in need of help
leannebaker1965 4 years ago
I have found tutorials and tons of other information on of good stuff there....Google what you are looking for..there are lots out there..I hear what ya mean. I'm struggling too
brendalc29 4 years ago has been helping me also. its a lot to learn...I think once I get the shutter speed, aperture and ISO down it would be easier. I also found a coarse on amazon for 25 dollars...check out the amazon local deals..there is a photography coarse online worth 140 but with the coupon, you get it for 25. I have already learned something new. just started today. Don't give up..we will get it :)
darenpalmer 4 years ago
Jared Polin on youtube is quite good for new starters. Got some handy tips
Steve_Meier 4 years ago
I'd recommend Digital Photography School.
paulbcooley 4 years ago
Hi join a local friendly camera club. I emphasise friendly so that you don't get stuck with photographers that take themselves, their work and your work too seriously. You want a group of people that can stretch you to try new things, provide technical guidance and show you some good work that they can do to inspire you.
If the club does competitions involving independent judges then so much the better - get involved in those to push you out of your comfort zone and get some critical comments too. If you aren't already aware then you need to know that post-production work is a must too. There are lots of good software apps out there - stay away from OPINION reviews as they are so strongly biased to be next to useless - but photoshop always tops the bill (but is difficult to master). You will see lots of opinions on what Adobe product is better for beginners: Photoshop Elements or Lightroom. Ignore what they say and go with what you want - use trial versions or get indepth reviews. Having seen both I went with Elements and still keep finding that it has loads of functions hidden below the surface. I have also found that Lightroom users don't really understand the level of functionality Elemnts has, however Lightroom appears to be better at organising your images although I recognise most of the functions on Elements too - Adobe are confusing. Whatever app you choose - don't forget to add 'plug-ins' to enhance your work further still.
Prepare to carry around lots of kit, so get the right kit bag for you and if you are on a budget prepare to wait for the right deal on anything - the joy of photography gets to be very expensive and there is always something else that you want.
Most of all as others have said - Use the web!! Tons of free stuff and advice out there.
Andy961 PRO 4 years ago
I recommend taking a class in DSLR photography. There is nothing likes a hand-on workshop with other students and a live instructor. It looks like you are in the UK. In the USA, such courses are offered by Parks and Recreations departments, Community Colleges, and Adult Education extension programs from the local school district. I imagine the UK has similar offerings. Enjoy!
Marky D 69 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Marky D 69 (member) 4 years ago
Jared Polin, has some great tutorials regarding this camera, i got mine in June and will be taking a class or two
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