Bud_um_tiss 3:11pm, 20 July 2013
Hi all,

I'm fairly new to DSLR photography...a couple of months now. I was told not to buy many accessories and lenses until I'm familiar with the camera...kind of decided to bin that suggestion for better or for worse ha. What do you guys have for your D3100 kit? I have:

18mm - 55mm VR kit lens
55mm-300mm VR lens
35mm 1.8 Prime lens

Basic tripod from Amazon (Hama Star 61 I think)
Basic monopod (about £10)
Cheap monopod head from Amazon (£5?)

Some pec pads
Some cleaning solution
5 in 1 Reflector rectangular 43 inch I think

Basic small bag (only fits one lens)

Some lens holder things Neoprene

I believe that's about it? Toying with the idea of buying a flash but I don't really need it?
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