georgiejohnson22 2:48pm, 26 June 2013
Hi I'm 14 and I love taking pictures! If you have any advice that would be great thanks!! :)
nikon d3100 beginner 5 years ago
Try different pictures and camera settings to gain knowledge.

I can recommend the book "from snapshots to great shots" that takes you through some very helpful stages.
The best advice I can give you is dont worry about the camera put it on auto and take lots of pictures the rest you will learn in time.
Just have fun its the best way to learn.
Room 111 5 years ago
Place your camera in Manual "M" for static objects: people posing for you, buildings, landscapes, macro work. Learn how to dial in your own shutter, aperture, and ISO. These are the "three legs of the stool." You will gain a much deeper appreciation of photography when you control your own variables and make your own art. Don't let your D3100 be a very expensive point-and-shoot camera and make your art for you, because a $99 camera could have done that. Shooting in Manual will drive you crazy at first because there is a learning curve. You're going to make a lot of mistakes. But the dividends it will pay later will be immeasurable.

In sports and fast action use shutter priority "S" but for everything else use Manual.

Best to you. Good luck.
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