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Pro with a 3100?

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URmysunshinephotos says:

How many of you are getting paid for your photography with your 3100?
7:40PM, 23 September 2012 PDT (permalink)

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Boaz_M says:

Not me
70 months ago (permalink)

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Beowulf2b says:

I met a Pro with a D90 but D3100 is too slow for a pro. You need quick access to controls. D7000 is a perfect budget price point for a pro. Best APS-C camera period!
62 months ago (permalink)

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nikon d3100 beginner says:

I guess the well paid money would be either studio owner or self employed.
61 months ago (permalink)

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punkindoodlephotography says:

I get paid with my D3100... as of right now i charge 60.00 for mini session which is 20.00 and 120.00 for 45-1hr
58 months ago (permalink)

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Room 111 says:

Not me, because my 9-5 job is not photography. But this camera is more than capable of doing excellent work. I've photographed models with it and have been greatly pleased with the results. Believe it or not, far more pleased with this camera than my D7100. The sensor on that camera is 24 MP and no lens can make that beast produce a good image.

The 14 MP sensor of the D3100... a normal DX lens can resolve the 14 MP adequately. I learned a tough lesson. And that is my D3100 shoots waaaaaaaaaaay better than my $1,200 D7100. No kidding.
57 months ago (permalink)

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