AlxWu 2:58am, 20 February 2012
Just got the D3100, my first dslr.
I've had experience with some bridge cameras before and am really used to their super zoom to macros in one lens. Sadly I spent all my money on the D3100 and the kit lens. I'm finding really hard to get a shallow depth of field and such.
Any tips for some cheapo substitutes on lighting/softboxes and macro lens? I know I'll have to actually get a telephoto lens if I need super zoom.
Thanks in advance!
sujoyp 6 years ago
just check DIY (do it yourself) stuff ....I have made everything myself like lightbox, softbox, designer bokeh,ring flash etc...
For cheap macro for now u have some choices
macro adapters like raynox 250
cheap extension tube + 50mm 1.8D
reverse adapter + 50mm 1.8D
auto extension tubes
or just get a cheap nikon AIS or AI macro lens...

I hope I have given enough options :)
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