Actionverb 7:03am, 14 March 2012
Thinking about making a small laminated pocket card with all the juicy little details from the manuals, reminders and other goodies (ISO, frame rate and aperature). Maybe shape it to the bottom of the camera and attach with a couple velcro dots. Anyone else interested?

Anyone seen a card like this? (aside from the poor looking set on amazon)
sujoyp 6 years ago
u really need cheat card like this :) I think after playing with various setting in various conditions u will automatically know which setting to apply in what conditions...just have a little patience and keep practicing
Actionverb 6 years ago
ya I still think it would be helpful. Maybe something that listed good manual starting points for action shots, scenery and portraits etc. Anyways, Im practicing and learning a bit each time I pull out the cam so I figure in a month or two I'll know what settings to use, like you said
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