maumekim 3:31am, 23 December 2011
Hi everyone. Im new here (obviously) and I wanted to post a hello before I went through the posts to get to know everyone. Ive had my D3100 for a year this Christmas. I have taken it to 7 different countries (on cruises) and have taken photos of everything you can think of. I prefer landscape, architecture, people watching type of photos as well as animals and children photos. I have done a few still life's too. Im still a novice and read anything I can to get better. I appreciate feedback (I can take constructive criticism, but hate destructive flames)

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays
Sulafa 7 years ago
welcome to the club
I bought my camera in august and I self taught my self I see that i've improved a lot over few months
try always to share only your best on flicker for me it's rule number one
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