D90 or D3100?

LozArbin 9:49am, 14 May 2011
You've asked whether you should upgrade to a D90?

I wouldn't have thought an upgrade to a D90 would be worth while yet. The D90 is a pretty old camera now (2008), so it's probably going to be replaced or discontinued soon. So I'd wait and see if there's a new model.

If all you want is an auto-focus motor, it seems a little pointless. I get the impression AF-S (sonic motor) lenses are quicker to focus. And really you should get used to focusing manually. The D3100 will still show a focus indicator in the view finder, you just need to twist the focusing ring.

Finally Nikon has just anounced a 50mm F1.8 AF-S FX lens which should be a high quality "standard" fast lens.There's already a 35mm F1.8 DX Lens which will auto focus on the D3100, users tend to rate it highly but 'pro' review don't seem to like it.

FX lens - support FX Full Frame (35mm) Cameras (D3, D300 etc) AND DX (AP-C) Cameras (D3100, D5100, D90, D7000 etc.).

DX Lens - support DX (AP-C) Cameras (D3100, D5100, D90, D7000 etc.). They are 'cropped' on FX Cameras, but will still work.

FX lenses tend to be more 'Professional' and seem to be better quality, better range of models, more expensive.

DX lenses are aimed at the 'consumer / prosumer' they have the advantage of being cheaper and more compact.

If you use FX lenses on a DX camera, not only will you be able to upgrade to an FX camera in the future, but on a DX camera the sensor will be using the best central part of the lens. Lenses are more likely to experience distortion around the edges of the image.
huge81868 7 years ago
I found a review on you tube called D3100 vrs. D90 and the 3100 was pretty good. I would wait.
Sulafa 7 years ago
I have D3100 which has no internal AF motor to autofocus older AF (screw-type) lenses.
If I buy a lens with a motor to autofocus, then after a while I change my camera to one with a motor like D90
Will my new camera work well with my lens (both have motor to autofocus)???
sujoyp 6 years ago
@sulafa ....if u get lens with motor then it will work on any Nikon body without an issue

The issue comes only when we get lens without motor then it needs in-body focus motor
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