F32HDT 10:59am, 8 April 2012
I maintain the UK & Eire Bronto Skylift Fleet List

i see from some of the Photo's on here that there appears to have been a change recently, namely that Wrexham are now running the '04' ?

can someone please confirm the following :-

what has happened to 'J21PJC'

what are the Allocations for all the North Wales Fleet of ALP's

are there any new ones on order

any help is very gratefully received as that allows my list to be completely up to date

thank you


elisj 6 years ago
wrexham's had llandudno's alp because J21 PJC was at the end of its service and the service hasnt got the money to buy a new alp so llanduno lost theirs
F32HDT 6 years ago
Thank you very much for responding

i appreciate your reply

elisj 6 years ago
All ALP in north wales fleet are

Wrexham Based Volvo Bronto Skylift PF04 UUP
Rhyl Based Volvo Bronto Skylift L21 XEY
Bangor Based Scaina Bronto Skylift PN58 ZMZ

Ex Wrexham Scaina J21 PJC i think may get sold to cemical work or oil refinery

Also Rhyl are ment to be geting a new build ALP this year or next to replace
elisj 6 years ago
Dodgey884 6 years ago
J21PJC was refused for sale initially, has less than 16000 miles on clock! When new as first ALP in Wales it was exhibited at "WalesFire 92" in Tenby. As was the Rhyl ALP (unregistered) when she was new.
elisj 6 years ago
so is the alp still in service?
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