Siercon and Coral PRO 6:37am, 9 March 2012
And the long awaited results! The judges had great difficulty measuring which creations placed where, due to the excellent work displayed by all of you. There was a long process in which everyone was graded in several categories. The categories were: Building Skill (1-20), NPU (1-15), Creativity (1-10), Artistic (1-15), and Setting (1-10). It was very close in the end.

So here are the winners!
1st Place: Stormbringer “Order of Palladio”
Order of Palladio by Stormbringer.

2nd Place: brick-a-brack “Endangered Species?”
Endangered Species? by brick-a-brack

3rd Place: Blake’s Baericks “Nazgûl”
Nazgûl by Blake's Baericks

Mini Trophies
Best Black Dragon: Deus Otiosus “To Mega Therion”
To Mega Therion by Deus "Big D." Otiosus

Best Red Dragon: AceBricks “Wyvern Attack”
Wyvern Attack  by AceBricks

Best Bone Dragon: brick-a-brack “Endangered Species?”
Endangered Species? by brick-a-brack

Best Golden Dragon: Magma Guy “Encounter”
Encounter by Magma guy

Best Earth Dragon: :jovian: “Earth Dragon”
Earth Dragon 01 by :jovian:

In addition to the 5 mini trophies there are 3 more trophies!
Steel Dragon (Best Overall Entries): Deus Otiosus
Egg by Deus "Big D." Otiosus

Glass Dragon (Best Glass): Angeli ¥ “Mirage Dragon”
Mirage dragon by Angeli ¥

Steam Dragon (Best Steampunk): V&A Steamworks “Clockwork Wyrm of Arcane Magicks”
Clockwork Wyrm of Arcane Magicks - V&A Steamworks by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber

**Note: These three trophies are getting ready, but are not quite finished. They will be posted on our flickr when completed and sent right away

In particular we wanted to highlight the Steel Dragon award. This award is given for the person who displayed the highest quality throughout the most builds overall. This is like the Master Builder category from Classic-Castle. Considering he built a dragon which all got a nomination for every category, we give you the steel dragon award.

For those who were mentioned above, send us a FM or email us at with your address and we’ll ship you your prizes!

Thanks everyone for participating, we got more entries than we expected and had a blast seeing all the creativity and awesome dragons! Hope you all had fun =)
:jovian: 4 years ago
Congrats to all the winners and kudos to all who entered. There were so many inspiring builds, and it's always good to see more LEGO dragons. Thanks S&C for hosting a great contest!
★Christian 4 years ago
Congratz to the winners! Will there be another lego dragon contest next year?
Magma guy 4 years ago
Cogratz to all the winner! This has to be the first contest, I won something real. Thanks a lot!
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 4 years ago
But how is it possible that I won the best black if there was a black dragon in the first three, while the bone dragon award came to the second place?
Carson Hart 4 years ago
Darn, well congrats to the winners!
Siercon and Coral PRO 4 years ago
@ Bluestar: There will be another contest next year, though it will most likely not be dragons. There are several other categories that have been elected ;) Either way look forward to more contests!

@Deus Otiosus: Good question! The answer is this. 1st-3rd were selected through the elaborate points system. That third position between you and Blake was the closest battle point wise. So ultimately the sum of the average of his points were more, but the number of nominations he got was less. This can happen if one judge scores someone low, but the other three rank it slightly higher. This yields a lesser average, but greater votes.

Regardless, in my opinion the trophy you will be getting is the greatest honor. Unfortunately it was not hyped up at the beginning of the contest, but will receive a spotlight again when I post and send it to ya! :) You put more quantity and quality than anyone else by far, and made judging a great deal of a headache ;)

@Carson Hart: Your entry was amazing and made it very far! Thanks so much for participating.

Thanks everyone for being a part of this contest! If anyone has any questions please let us know. We dont like dumping people with "who won" without being able to say why. And literally, we have written things down for all of you specifically about what we loved about your MOC. Just gotta find the time to FM every one!

Hope you all had fun! Again Let us know if you have any questions!
Glory_Forever 4 years ago
Fantastic contest! Thanks so much guys!
George G - 4 years ago
A big congrats to all the winners and a big thanks to the hosts :) It was a great oppertunity to loads of fantastic dragons (and dragon builders :P) come together!
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 4 years ago
I am actually happier than if my blue dragon won and that would be it. The trophies are not just prizes, they're evidence of skill and I am proud to own not one, but two! Anybody can buy a set and give it to the best contestant, but you took time and designed these excellent trophies! I can't wait to see what's up with bonus trophies!
Stormbringer. PRO 4 years ago
I am speechless! This has been one fun event. There were so many awesome quality builds and that I'm honored to have been apart of it. The judges did a great job on judging the entries and running the contest. Thank you!
Thanks Guys!

I shall look forward to my trophy!
: )

Good contest.
Si-MOCs PRO 4 years ago
Great contest. Congrats to the winner.

I must say I thought the trophies were one of the best inspirations i've ever had for a contest - I tried so much harder cause I wanted the mini trophies - wayyyy more interesting than prizes that are in other contests - so I whole heartily suggest you continue on with that if you do another contest.

Though I think I'll take a less risky route and build a traditional dragon next time.
Blake's Baericks 4 years ago
Fantastic contest! Some terrific entries in there, to be sure. Well done Taylor and Javan, for the top-class entries.

Well run contest, Sean and co.
Thanks! :'D
Matthew Hurt 4 years ago
Congrats to the winners! Great contest, thanks for putting this together!
Dr. Phoenix 4 years ago
Great job to the winners! Thanks for the Contest!
The Deathly Halliwell 4 years ago
Congrats to all of the winners! They certainly deserved it. Thank you, kind judges, for putting on such a great contest.
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 4 years ago

What about those additional trophies? They sound cool, but I'd like to see them cool...
Siercon and Coral PRO 4 years ago
^ Haha, patience... patience...

In the middle of the MOCathalon :(
Anyways I built yours last night lol and have the other two I'd like to make. (it would be nice to post them all at the same time. If you want me to ship your stuff now, then I can, just FM me :)

Otherwise maybe this weekend.
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 4 years ago
I will wait. Would have been an empty weekend.

I must say though, I'm glad I didn't have all this schoolwork in february, I can't imagine building in a week like this (and yet I build).
Angeli ¥ 4 years ago
Great contest ;) I've enjoyed building this moc so much ;)
It was the first time that I was making something underwater, and it was also the first time that I've built the dragon :)

My girlfriend generally does not love lego, and when I buy it, talk about it or brag about my moc she is usually totally cold ;)

But she loved this one ;)
Deus "Big D." Otiosus 4 years ago
She is one step closer to asimilation.
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