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Mine is Josuf Karsh....specially the Hemingway's portrait..
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Mine is Josuf Karsh....specially the Hemingway's portrait..

Yousuf Karsh, one of the greatest portrait photographers of the twentieth century, achieved a distinct style in his theatrical lighting. Karsh photographed many of the celebrated personalities of his time—Andy Warhol, Fidel Castro, Peter Lorre, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Pablo Picasso, and Albert Einstein, among many others. One of Karsh's most famous photographs is this portrait of Ernest Hemingway taken in 1957. Recalling Hemingway as "a man of peculiar gentleness," Karsh displays his gift for capturing the essence of his subjects.

1 hemingway

Source: Yousuf Karsh: Ernest Hemingway (1986.1098.12) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
renquedochan 7 years ago
Difficult ... is very difficult to think about having a favorite portrait photographer.
I think many factors about a photographer can bring us to consider it as good, having a long work or to have access to celebrities or unknown characters.
Often portraits of people in extreme situations such as Sebastião Salgado shows are awesome. Sometimes the talent of the photographer with access to a good staff can get very prominent portraits of people as Alfred Eisentaedt (or Josuf Karsh if you like).
Actually I think that as a professional with the most prolific work, with greater access to public life characters, yet innovative style and meticulous work is Annie Leibovitz.
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That's a difficult question, 'cos there's so many great portraits photographers out there, but I really enjoy the works of Dan Winter's

The way he controls and reflects the light, is just amazing..
And his lighting equipment sometimes is just very basic home depot lamps.
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