_papilio PRO 1:59pm, 25 January 2012

A fine group you have here! As I don't read French I may have missed it, but I'm wondering how many awards we are required to leave for others when we post a photo?

Thank you!
Flicker Clicker 6 years ago
I have the same question, but if the admins havent answered you, it must be that there is no requirement to comment or award. I am still doing it, though, because I would like to get comments from other members. So I guess you have to decide how many images you comment on.
AcombDave 6 years ago
Hello admins Can you answer our question because I too want to know ?
_papilio PRO 6 years ago
Thanks Flicker Clicker, you must be right. I too comment anyway.
Charlene1603 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Charlene1603 (member) 6 years ago

Une photo postée, trois commentaires !
One photo posted, please 3 comments!
Una foto aggiunta, tre commenti !

Copied from group rules...
avilo 6 years ago
Why doesn't the group admin answer the question? - maybe doesn't read English
SR ZOK 6 years ago
look previous post, it is in english and You couldn't read neither :-)
Admin is to busy to answer for obvious questions

Have a good light
Ivan . 5 years ago
I'm posting 5 awards but I was trying to know the awards required.
Swaranjeet PRO 5 years ago
I keep coming back to the group but give up after the first level for I have no clue what to do next and how many awards I need to do whatever it is I am supposed to do. Wish I had taken French as additional language in school :o((
Puparrazi PhotographY 5 years ago
Since nobody else has answered the question the answer is 5 awards. If you receive 5 from this group you can move to the next level.

Hope this helps.
cedmars 5 years ago
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1 "Elite club", premier Cercle -8-
I don't understand how people can say the question hasn't been answered, as Charlene 1603 did so in three languages! However, I award five other pics because this is the number required in many other step-up groups and also because there usually are so many outstanding images to see in the group pools.
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