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#35 Featured photographer~Dollia Sheombar!

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TravellingTheBLU26 is a group administrator TravellingTheBLU26 says:

Our 35th featured photographer, is an artist that "sees and notices things" unlike any other! Dollia Sheombar (DolliaSH) from Rotterdam, the Netherlands is graced with an eye for composition out of the ordinary and an extraordinary ability with light and color! Dollia says:
"So many years, watching through the viewfinder has definitely changed my world view."

dollia shoembar IMG_5943_1024pix

Something about me:
"My name is Dollia Sheombar and I'm from Rotterdam, in The Netherlands.
I have been living almost my whole life in The Netherlands, but my roots go back to India.
As an IT Professional I work for the government and large Dutch companies.

Among other things Photography has been my main hobby for a long time. My first memory of shooting is linked to the house of my parents where on the walls there were always a lot of photographs. As a kid I was fascinated by the fact that it is possible to "freeze" the moment of our lives forever. And that "freeze" factor was what really got me interested in photography.

I mainly photograph landscapes and cityscapes. I'm completely self taught in pretty much everything I do.

My biggest frustration right now is that I have very limited, well actually no time for my hobby. I really envy others that can plan days for shooting, something I would love to do too.

Going through my stream you will also discover that I'm a heavy Photoshop user, although I try to keep my images "real" as much as possible.

Cheers, Dollia Sheombar" :)

Sunset @ Raya Island ::Vertorama

Rotterdam - Manhattan aan de Maas ::HDR


Rotterdam @ River Maas II

James Bond Island - Phang Nga Bay

Caribbean Jetty

Evening Walk

Clouds with Volcanic Dust

Traffic Light

Sunset Revised

Isla Catalina ::Vertorama



Koh Raya Island 1

Fast Moving Clouds 3 ::HDR

Straight To The Horizon :: Vertorama

Tunnel Of Colors

Erasmus Bridge (2) - Rotterdam ::HDR

Use of these images on websites, blogs or any other media without the explicit permission of the artists is absolutely prohibited. © All rights reserved. It is prohibited to download, copy or use a photo in any other way without the express permission of the photographer.

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Panorama Paul says:

There are not too many photographers on Flickr who have me gasping with amazement when I see their work... Dollia's imagery is a delight to all my senses!

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Summer and Rose says:

It absolutely doesn't surprise me at all, that you reached this position. And I agree that you are an extraordinary photographer. You should go professional in this field, Dolia...I knew it the first time I saw your photos a few years back!
109 months ago (permalink)

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magda indigo says:

Congratulation! Magda, (*_*)
109 months ago (permalink)

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*Lie ... on & off ... too busy ! says:

It doesn't surprise me at all !
You really deserve this , Dollia ! You are one of the most talented photographers I met on flickr and your Long Exposures are unique . Besides an excellent photographer you are also a very good photoshopper and a fantastic flickr friend ! Your work inspires me ! Thanks for sharing so much beauty !
Congrats ,Lie
Originally posted 109 months ago. (permalink)
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Reina Smallenbroek says:

Dollia is an excellent photographer . Never seen a poor upload of him. He is also a very nice man, who is always willing to share his knowledge. That, I think, makes the man!
Congrats Dollia. So well deserved!
109 months ago (permalink)

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Yannick Lefevre says:

heyyyy , thanks for the mail Dollia ;-)
of course i'm glad to see you inside this hall of fame, it's normal for my oipinion, you're a great one ;-)
take care
109 months ago (permalink)

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Salva del Saz says:

I can say that Dollia, apart of being a great photographer, he is a fantastic person because I had the luck of meeting him in a trip to Holland. He was really kind with me and I only keep good memories from this trip.
109 months ago (permalink)

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AnneliesW says:

Congratulations Dollia! Your photostream is full of amazing and fascinating work and you're a fine Flickr friend!
109 months ago (permalink)

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~~~johnny~~~ says:

Dollia, you are a constant inspiration for me with you're creative ways to do photography:)
you are a great contact and i feel we are more friends than contacts:)
thanks for beeing around:))
catch you later my friend:))
109 months ago (permalink)

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Muktasyaf AnNamir says:

One of the best photographer I known.
Great to know you sir :)
106 months ago (permalink)

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*Chris van Dolleweerd* says:

deze had ik nog niet gezien!
dik verdiend als je het mij vraagt!
103 months ago (permalink)

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