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The BBC's official Flickr group for The Sky at Night and Stargazing Live, where we welcome viewers to share their own photographs of the night sky.


  • Camera

    Hi, i got a sony alpha 200 camera , how can i fool the camera thinking there is ...

    darrenarmitage17 months ago1 replies

  • Red dots

    Hi all I have been taking some night photos and find that I have a numbers of re...

    Katomi201211 months ago2 replies

  • Roots Uganda Tours

    I have made some negative comments about the inappropriateness of Roots Uganda T...

    robbiehildred14 months ago1 replies

  • Custom T-Shirts project

    Hi I have made myself several custom T-Shirts using public Nasa images and displ...

    ian.pettman21 months ago0 replies

  • Looking for some advice photographing the MW

    I am planning on taking a trip to the Elan Valley in mid December and I am wonde...

    Mark_68's Photographs21 months ago1 replies

  • Perseids Meteor Shower

    It's that Perseids time of year again. I've recently got into Astrophotography e...

    Tony Smith Photo's34 months ago4 replies

  • Can anyone help me please? :).

    Hi I'm new to this group and fairly new to capturing the night sky, as I love se...

    lovingwonderfulnature42 months ago1 replies

  • Green Dots on moon photos

    My brother has taken some photos of the moon recently, I am wondering if anyone ...

    polite theory42 months ago5 replies

  • Can anyone tell me what this is?

    I took this shot recently in New Zealand and didn't notice anything odd until I ... months ago2 replies

  • what photo programme do you use?

    What photo process programme do you use? For my normal pics I use PhotoStudio bu...

    Simon.Peach44 months ago13 replies

  • Advice on tracking mount for focal lengths up to 400mm

    I've dabbled a little bit with astrophotography before (taking short hand-tracke...

    markkilner44 months ago6 replies

  • moon pictures

    Hi I am completely new to this and I know very little about stars and planets bu...

    malc15644 months ago2 replies

  • Weather Apps for clear skys

    Hello, I have recently started taking photographs of the night sky and I ofte...

    Neil Nicklin Photography47 months ago1 replies

  • Objects in space against the Blood Moon

    Hi I took this shot of the blood moon and was not very pleased with the blurry ...

    Englepip47 months ago1 replies

  • How I took my Solar Eclipse Photos

    My photos were taken with the help from Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group....

    bethandennick51 months ago1 replies

  • Orion composite (stacked)

    OK folks -- who knows: 1) where to download the composite picture of Orion th...

    david_c_partridge53 months ago7 replies

  • Can you explian what i am seeing here?

    I set my camera up to record and was hugely disappointed to not be able to see t...

    bobnhughes54 months ago5 replies

  • A new planet beyond neptune

    If new planet did appear in orbit around our sun would it affect our planet?

    HenryD954 months ago1 replies

  • Sun Spot

    Did anyone else pick up the sun spot in the top right of the sun (or was it dust...

    andrew.hillyard54 months ago2 replies

  • Light masking the sun

    I set my camera up to record and was hugely disappointed to not be able to see t...

    bobnhughes54 months ago0 replies

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