kpreed2001 11:10pm, 31 January 2011
Mine is a Six-Twenty.
barnaclebitten 3 years ago
I have a grey top Spartus "35" with manual focus and 4 apertures - which I liked so much I went and bought an original "35" (the fixed-focus version that looks like an Argus A) and am testing it now.
Leslie Lazenby PRO 3 years ago
I love using my Spartus. It has the historic importance of being the first camera with a built in flash. It still took a bulb but the socket was built in the camera. It really is a fun camera to use and the pictures are awesome.
Spartus Press Flash - 1941 by Leslie Lazenby
barnaclebitten 3 years ago
Cool! I get the impression Spartus cameras were considered pretty cheap low-end merchandise at the time, but they are so PRETTY! And really well built by today's standards.

My classic black "35" tested like a champ and now I can't decide which I like better, it or the much later grey & brown Kodak Pony-inspired version.
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