Tony Hills 5:58pm, 13 April 2013
I will state I have no connections with this company first.

Looking for a Gimbal head, I found a UK company making one, LensMaster.
I can't compare to any other make, but it works superbly and is relatively cheap.
keith27a 8 years ago
Tony, I also have one of these and agree with your opinion. The guy who makes them is also very helpful.
First of all which lens are you planning to put on the head? And also a tripod... The tripod needs to go with the head capacity wise. So for 5KG you need a tripod that will support that and also the head. All these values are available in description.

Good luck!
I use a Canadian tripod gimbal make called Jobu.

Very good and easy to use. Handles the D800 with Sigma 50 - 500.

Tripod is a Gitzo #GT5531S. Carbon 6X.
Cletus Lee 8 years ago
My first Gimbal head is a CF model by Sirui Though not a cheap (or cheaply made) gimbal head, it competes favorably with Wimberly.
Keith Grafton 8 years ago
I,ve got the Lensmaster RH1 and use it with a Nikkor 600mm F4 manual focus lens on an old Linhof tripod. Its really well made, serviceable and something I wasn't going to consider when I ordered it, it works really well on a monopod. I,ve used a friends Wimberley which is excellent but I have no issues at all with the Lensmaster.
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