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This is not a group for posting photos of half naked women in provocative poses. There are other groups on Flickr for that. Hate to ban people but if you're adding that kind of shots to the group, you're disrespecting the rules and will be removed without warning.


  • Why aren't my photos posted?

    I've submitted several photos twice, the first time a few years ago. Nothing hap...

    Promise7416 months ago4 replies

  • What Does Your Photo Have in Common With All the Others in This Group?

    Hi! What your photo has in common with all the others in the Redhead Group is...

    Pixel Wrangler22 months ago1 replies

  • True Natural Redheads are becoming more rare...

    REDHEADS are becoming rarer and could be extinct in 100 years, according to gene...

    ProphetessQueen40 months ago11 replies

  • Red-Head Pride A.K.A. St. Patrick's Day

    I dont know why but I feel like St. Patrick's Day is a day to feel a little bit ...

    JauadPhotos41 months ago8 replies

  • Hello all.Where is everyone from?

    I just joind today,and read all the threads.Didnt see anything about where peopl...

    ridershovelhead41 months ago22 replies

  • Merde!

    Well, it seems hard for some people to understand that PORNOGRAPHIC images are n...

    Fredrik Wanergard43 months ago1 replies

  • Hi every one

    Hello every one thank you for posting so many awesome pictures I have met dated...

    dmw1000448 months ago0 replies

  • I love redheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I joined this group hoping to meet some beautiful redheads that would like to ta...

    coryroot3249 months ago26 replies

  • Pornographic Images


    Henry Brothell57 months ago13 replies

  • uh...guys?

    going through this wonderfull space, and i notice a huge lack of males... you g...

    wolfies_voice60 months ago29 replies

  • Interesting Mix

    I am half Moroccan and Half Italian and yet I am a red head.... Anyone else have...

    JauadPhotos60 months ago18 replies

  • So Unique

    So I was talking with my Barber the other day. We were discussing hair color and...

    The Original Sean63 months ago14 replies

  • Redheads photographed by other redheads?

    *cough* Redheads by Redheads *cough*

    sumrow72 months ago0 replies

  • red heads on the way out?

    been in the news recently that us redheads will only be around for the next few ...

    wolfies_voice75 months ago9 replies

  • Redheads passion

    I love the passion that most redheads possess

    palostrom75 months ago0 replies

  • Readheads by Redheads?

    Self Portrait with Crane Hello fellow gingers, I just started a new flickr group and pool called "...

    sumrow75 months ago6 replies

  • The special bond of Red.

    So I've had this feeling that there is something special we all share as Redhead...

    The Original Sean76 months ago1 replies

  • Love the Group

    Just wanted to say I love the group and all of the Red Haired hotties... I am so...

    aleafgo377 months ago0 replies

  • RedHead Perks

    Im curious to compile a list of places where you get perks for being a redhead. ...

    JauadPhotos84 months ago0 replies

  • Re-Unification?

    As a self confessed lover of the redheaded gene, I am torn between the Redhead g...

    Rod MacGregor90 months ago14 replies

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