tanzer395 8:40pm, 12 May 2015
I worked for NO/NC and then RC from '68 to '80 at YQT and YYZ stations. I now have the domain name rights to To keep the North Central name alive, I'm providing NorthCentralAirlines email accounts to any former NC/RC employee. Check out for the details.

Trevor - Tanzer395
dr_timbabwae 6 years ago
Are you on the Facebook page? Former employee Shar Berge runs it. Contact her to join the group. I am not a former employee just one of those to whom Herman became a childhood friend, that she has kindly let join. Someone is starting a foundation and there is going to be a library/museum in Wisconsin now as well. They hope to put a DC-3 on display.
tanzer395 6 years ago
Nope, I took myself off FaceBook some years ago but I did go and check the NC FaceBook page out through my wife's FaceBook account - handy things wives. I noted in the comments that my offer - although liked - there was some confusion as to my being a "private" site. I'm not sure what is meant by my "opening it up". I know since creating it that I have had numerous "offers" from various companies to optimize the site to make it more findable on Google search - at a price of course.

Anyhooo, the site is open to anyone who finds it and the offer is genuine and I'll keep it going as long as I maintain my account with - now going on ten years.

As an aside, Canadian Warplane Heritage in Hamilton, Ontario (the home of one of the only two still flying Lancaster bombers left in the world) has a flying DC3 to represent the wartime breed. It's an old NC ship.
tanzer395 6 years ago
The ex-NCA DC3 in Hamilton is N21729
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