Elamcelt 7:53pm, 22 February 2012
Just thinking it might be nice to know a bit more about the people who post here.
It's up to you how much, little you choose to share!
I would certainly be interested to see the variety that makes up this group, but if you don't want to say where you're from, no problem:)
Elamcelt Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Elamcelt (member) 6 years ago
So I guess I should start!

I always used my camera on Auto for years, but then decided to learn how to use it on manual and it opened up a whole new hobby & introduced me to Flickr:)
I love landscapes and the natural world and my dog Tazi!
I would love to move back to the country - but live in Glasgow.
I shoot in RAW with a Panasonic GH2.
I love being inspired by the high standard of photos on Flickr and all that I can learn from others.

I was invited by MarkyGee to join this group - I'd never heard of it before that.

I think this group has amazing potential to really make our photography better.
second-hand income [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by second-hand income (member) 6 years ago
When I started out in photography I was always trying to find a way to improve my work, I was lucky enough to have a good friend that really pushed me hard, he would pull my shots to pieces, although it was hard to take at times, I look back and know I wouldn't know half as much if it wasn't for him being so honest with me - hence the group name. I have now moved on shooting interiors as a freelance photographer in my spare time.
I shoot using a Canon DSLR with various lenses, I use Lee filters for my landscape work, and have just begun a study on 'off camera' flash photography.
PJD-DigiPic PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by PJD-DigiPic (member) 6 years ago
I'm a real novice, I only bought my first "serious" camera (Lumix G1) a little over a year ago. I was invited to join by Elamcelt, I have learned a lot from looking at the photos posted in this group. I learned from the critiques of my photos and the photos of others. I'm really a trial and error type of person, learning from mistakes as well as successes.

I think I may have bit of an 'eye' for composition, but am woefully lacking in the technical aspects of photography. Were it not for the possibility of post-processing I'd be in real trouble.

I'm an expatriate South African, who has been living in the USA since 1985.


PS. I am mortified by the fact that I am the most prolific poster in this group, with 62 submissions, until about 15 minutes ago I had no idea I had submitted so many. I've decided to lie low for a while.
Elamcelt 6 years ago
There's no need to lie low:)

This group is about feedback and if you want feedback on a photo then post:)

I've been really busy recently and not able to spend so much time making comments - I'll catch up again soon.
second-hand income [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by second-hand income (member) 6 years ago
Takes me back to when I first got into photography, I wanted to shoot everything in sight and post the results as fast as possible to enable me to gain knowledge quicker. So keep up the post's, we welcome them, if you really feel you want to take a back seat for a while you could always use the 'knowledge base' in the discussions board to help with the technical side.
Pete Glogiewicz PRO 6 years ago
Hi guys, I have followed a couple of friends to this group from another.
I live in Lincolnshire in the UK and my photography is all for me! Sweeping statement I know, but I produce images which please me, and then hope that they might please others (and not the other way round like the trap that many fall into) I have recently been introduced by Stuart to the concept of going fully manual, and this has ignited a fresh passion in my hobby. I like to receive opinions good or bad to help me improve my skills. And look forward to the input from this group.
zany design [deleted] 6 years ago
Hi everyone

I'm a complete novice and have only been on Flickr about a month thanks to Pete and have already learnt so much. I'm really enjoying my photography and any advice/criticism/support people want to give me is really gratefully received. I'm under no illusion that my shots need work but that's why I'm here.
I may not be able to give the best advice to others but will attempt to let you know how a picture makes me feel and what I think about its composition as technical stuff is a long way beyond me at the minute!
Would be good to get to know everyone.
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Hey Tinkerella & Pete,
A warm welcome from the admin team at Honest Opinions, I really hope you get what you want out of the group, not everyone here are experts, so try not to be concerned about giving an honest opinion. Also take a look at our discussion boards to help you further if needed.

Elamcelt 6 years ago
Good to meet you Pete & Tinkerella.

I hope you'll really enjoy both your photography and Honest Opinions:)
Sometimes you'll need to remember that an HO will be down to personal taste!

Yes Pete there is no point having a car with 5 gears and only using 1:)
Using manual gives you so much more control of what your finished photo is going to look like - you'll soon never go back.

Tinkerella I've recently read a book called "Beyond the frame" and so much of if is about how you feel - that's such a good place to start:)
I firmly believe if you have a good eye you can learn the technical stuff to make it work. If you don't have a good eye you can have all the technical ability in the world, it doesn't mean you'll have good photos.
Wandle2 6 years ago
Hi all,
I am retired and enjoy having photography as a hobby. I do not use an SLR camera as they are too heavy for me.
Any hints and tips on how to improve my photography are very welcome. I try to understand the technical information but most of my photogrpahy is trial and error and the delete button gets used a lot!
Elamcelt 6 years ago
Hi Wandle & welcome to the group.

The two best tips I can give you are:

1: Enjoy yourself!

2: Concentrate on composition.

I'm not sure if you've heard of the micro four thirds system? I use the GH2 from Panasonic, it's about a 1/3 small than a traditional DSLR and much lighter. All the big companies are now bringing out alternatives to the bigger cameras, all with interchangeable lenses. Just worth looking at in the future if your hobby develops a bit more:)
Sally the Teacher 6 years ago
Hi All,
I'm a teacher and chill out with a little photography. Amateur is a perfect description for me. I'm off auto and running but that's about it! I'm a bit of a hippy so most of my photography captures a moment when I feel something.
I think I've got an artistic eye but completely lack any technical ability. Photoshop terrifies me as well so I dabble with Picassa a bit.
I am in awe of some of the photography on here but have decided to bravely submit my photos so I can learn a lot more.
Comments and constructive criticism are genuinely appreciated.
Elamcelt 6 years ago
Welcome Sally.
Funny your Filckr name gave me the clue that you just might be a teacher:)
I know it takes courage to start submitting your photos here! Once you do, it's so worth it! (As I hope you have already discovered.)
I can only speak for myself, I've learnt far more from the CC than all the praise I've ever had.
And BTW Elements is not as scary as photoshop:)
Akitu_NorthEast 6 years ago
Hi All,

I accidentially came across this group and decided to join as I'm interested in improving my photography...and I've already noticed a familiar face from another group. Hi Elamcelt :).

I became interested in photography last year when I bought my first 'proper' camera and I've been hooked ever since. I constantly try to learn and to improve my photography and obviously love it when someone likes my pictures. But what I'm really interested in is getting constructive criticism, what people like about a certain shot, what they don't like, if it works for them and what could be improved next time.
Elamcelt 6 years ago
Hi Akitu:)
Nice to see you here too.
Yes this certainly a place where you will get honest feedback and it will certainly help you.
I think for having only bought your first 'proper' camera last year, your work is great.
Hopefully you'll be happy to give feedback on stuff you see here too:)
TrevTheBrit PRO 6 years ago
Hi All,

I am English born but I have lived outside of the UK for more than 35 years - firstly in Israel and now in Holland.
Photography is my pleasure and obsession for many years.
It gives you a means to express yourself in a foreign country where your language may not be up to speed
It also gives you an excuse for going out and visiting places and it
helps make you more aware and observant of your surroundings

My goal is to try a move forward with my hobby and to do so with like minded people.

I appreciate all comments on my photstream, constructive criticism is welcomed.
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Welcome Trev,
I hope you enjoy your stay here at "Honest Opinions". The group has really started to gain momentum over the past few months with our members not just receiving feedback on their photo's, but also feeling confident enough to give feedback to others, regardless of skill level. So please feel free to join in our discussion boards and enter our monthly competitions.

G.D63 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by G.D63 (member) 6 years ago
Hi am Grant, I have only just come back to photography after many years away, and got to hear about this group through another smaller group.This platform gives you the chance to put your work out there and have it looked at through so many different eyes,and with that comes the help and advice that i have found very valuable.This gives me the drive to better what i really enjoy doing , I've still a lot to learn and this is the place where i have learned loads.
Elamcelt 6 years ago
Hi Grant:)
Nice to see you here! You have a lot to contribute to this group and believe me, I'm sure most of us feel like we still have loads and loads to learn, and it's great when others take the time to help us:)
chris_t1990 6 years ago
Hey everyone, I'm Chris
I was pointed to this group by a friend after complaining about the lack of constructive criticism on flickr!
I picked up photography a couple of years ago over the summer holidays during uni, just as something to do. Pretty rapidly grew to love it. Started out with a canon 1000d and aimed to shoot on manual from day one to learn quicker. Upgraded lots now and I'm getting increasingly serious about it, aiming to produce stuff to show in local galleries soon. My favorite styles to shoot are documentary / photojournalism, street, urbex and candid portraits, though I still wouldn't say I've settled down yet. I'm also vice president of my uni's photography society.
So yeah, looking forward to some critique and critiquing others. :)
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Welcome Chris,
Looking forward to seeing some of your work, good to see you are willing to give your opinions as well as receive them, just what we are looking for in this group.

Elamcelt 6 years ago
Hi Chris,

Good to have you join us:)

Photojournalism intrigues me, though I confess I know very little about it, I think i would really like it!! So I'm going to have a look through your stream & learn a bit more about it.
TonyinAus PRO 6 years ago
Hey, my name is Tony and I live on the Mid-North coast of New South Wales in Australia. I have enjoyed photography all of my life, but only in the last year tried to get serious about improving. The best thing that happened to me, which I recommend to everyone is to take a simple DSLR course. This gave me the tools to begin learning. I do not have a DSLR but I use a Canon G-12 and a Canon SX 40 HS.

The reason I joined this group is to get your opinions. I know everyone has an opinion and most are different, but the thoughts of others is what challenges me to improve. So I'm looking forward to the discussions. Tony
ellibellyyy Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ellibellyyy (member) 6 years ago
I'm Elisha, 17, going into my first year of college this fall! and I'm just starting out with photography. I think so many things are beautiful, and memories are so precious, I want to capture everything the way I see it. I really want to improve, so give me honest opinions on any of my photos in my 100 days of summer album and I will appreciate it so much(: I can't wait to be an amazing photography like so many here on flickr!
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
A warm welcome Tony and Elisha, I hope you both enjoy our group.
maginoz1 PRO 6 years ago
Hello, I don't know if I have been accepted as a member yet! Anyway I have been taking pictures for a couple of years with a Canon D7 still experimenting,mainly in Bulla(Bushish) in Victoria Australia. I started by using manual and RAW I processed on Aperture. I just bought a 24-105 lens and trying to get the hang of it. I welcome feedback as I want to be able to get that one picture! I have taken 1000's of picture and I can say that I am very happy with 2. I am a Scot living in Australia.
Look forward to being part of this group.
second-hand income [deleted] 6 years ago
Welcome Maginoz1,
Hope you enjoy the group.

Hi, I just started taking photos of my city, London and due to the weather have stuck to night shots.
Would love to get some honest opinions of my photos along with any advice.
Thanks to all in advance.
Rajeev Kalyan B 3 years ago
Hi everyone
Im happy that i found this group. Im a masters student from India currently in USA, passionate about travel and photography. I think I can call myself an advanced beginner. I love to be a part of the group and contribute actively.

Thank to all in advance.
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