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Group Description

The new Sigma Sd1 will make make a huge contribution to landscape photography in the 35mm genre. The resolution thats been missing with prior Sigma cameras is here..post your landscape photos taken with this brilliant new offering from Sigma.

Group Rules

Mission Statement:

Promote the Foveon sensor to help drive the market and keep this technology alive and well.

Hello SD1 owners......

I am lookinig for best artistic efforts with the SD1. This is a "vote driven group", photos will only remain in the gallery when enough positive comments are collected from Flickr members after the view counter reaches a certain level.

When photos fail to survive the voting process it is not meant to insult or hurt anyones feelings when they are removed. It is meant to make us strive to make meaningful photos and be better photographers. In short I am looking for photos that cause the viewer to want to write a comment and say something positive because your photo has moved them to do so.


Photos that have a view counter above "100 Views" must receive at least 3 positive comments to stay in the gallery. Or 1 vote from an administrator or moderator.

Members of the SD1 Landscape Group are part of the voting process. Please find at least one or more photos that move you and comment on them to help keep this gallery filled with only prime photos and help prevent your favorites from being deleted.

Photos that do not comply with the following conditions will be removed by the group administrator or elected moderators:

Please post photos taken with the Sigma SD1 only. Please tag your photos with Sigma SD1 to help others to find your pictures on Flickr.

In my humble opinion, what constitutes a Landscape Photo? I realize all of this is subject to debate, so please flickrmail me with suggestions or comments to improve the following group rules.

1. Landscape photos severely limit the use of man-made objects, landscapes should exist naturally, but man-made structures that don't take over the photo are acceptable. (We don't pass up rustic bridges, cabins, lighthouses and other structures because they are man-made.)

2. When buildings are included in landscape photos please limit the usage to buildings that blend into the photo and naturally seem as part of the landscape. Buildings are never the entire focal point and only play a partial role in the photo.

3. Landscape photos exhibit an area that causes your eyes to wander to view it all. Single object photos do not comply. Single rock, tree, or stump photos are examples that do not comply.

4. Landscape photos do not contain overworked high dynamic range photography.

5. Landscape photos contain animals only as an accent, not the main subject.

6. Seascapes are welcome as long as there is some land included.

7. Landscape photos never contain humans...ever.

What to post:

1. Please only post your best efforts, the same photo reworked in different ways should not be posted. This would not comply with the series rule.

2. Please do not post series photos! Series photos are best left on the computer where they can be used to determine your best effort. 2 or more photos of the same subject is considered a series.

3. Foveon pictures come off the sensor extremely sharp right out of the camera. Please do not post oversharpened photos.

Please only post your very best effort for public viewing. The photos you post should represent you as an artist. Photos you post should elicit artistic merit, and cause the viewer to have a positive reaction to your effort. If your photos have a strong emotional effect on you they probably will to other viewers as well.


Good shooting.....

I welcome you to the group.


Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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