Beckywithasmile 8:20am, 24 May 2011
Are you happy with your camera choice? Why/why not?
James Crackcorn 7 years ago
Love love love it. My cannon software is acting up but hope to solve this issue fast. But love my F'ing T2i
SnapShotD 7 years ago
i believe this camera was made just for me. Glad i ever laid hands on you.
known bucket [deleted] 7 years ago
I am totally happy with it, I need more lenses but the camer is well balanced and easy to use and is presenting me and my family with beautiful images.
Ra-photo 7 years ago
I LOVE MY T2i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am learning more abut it every day and am making better pictures. I will give you a hint though, read the manual. This camera has a lot of features that you would never find without it.
Mitch Wessels PRO 7 years ago
NO complaints from me! It's my first dslr..
remi35 5 years ago
First off i still keep finding buried menues , 3 years with this jem and it teaches me always i am getting better now, and my pics at the end of a session i have 90 useable shots now first started 3-5 . the picture style settings if you do not learn to use this option buy a differnt camera this open a massive creative world in digital photography and how the camera acts . monochrome user 1 i like the digital filter way more than I like glass filters now. i changed all of the presets to actually do something user 2 is designed for low light . user 3 right now is for astrophotography, portrait it looks just like a soft focus filter . White Balance auto only your missing one of the best features the presets are really good i can see color temperatures so i took a sheet of grey construction paper, foam board and mounted it to a 3x5 card size and it fits in my bag great is a 18% I dont know but when it get super tough on the WB the card comes out I go in my menu and do my own . in the computer i adjust it slightly almost never . Its great i used to hope some thing grey was around . Get this nailed down and the camera seems to go into turbo creation mode. The flash i hate it . It is variable and I turn it way down its like blue lightning its insane but for a fill shot when the big flash is home its saved me many times and take out what I dont like in post processing its the brightest camera mounted flash i have ever seen so i took some 1/2 translucent plastic or barkery pro grade parchment paper and make a mini softbox out of it crank it up and get great shots considering this as a permanent option with fixative and a shaprie knife to make it perfect. this cameras with an externl flash is a dream I bought the
430 ex 2 - generics were 50 bucks i paid 234.00 Its like a super perchase auto in ETTL mode cant unlock the II mode not a pro camera i guess. but blasts to almost a foot ball field . and acrossed a whole valey 1 mile on full In man. with the camera on 6400 i could make out trees . I use it turned down to 1/8 or lower the sync stuff works great curtian 2 gives one effect and curtian 1 is another . I cant get the two to do the instant slam shot but its a setting im missing.just got it but the pics that work , work in a big way . the sensitiveity of the sensor is crazy nuts o its the same as in the 7D i am a huge noise guy buy the software get a good shot it makes it happen my favorite is Topaz denoise 5 its simple fast and does not kill your memory , and makes ok pictures into show stoppers. When I bought it plastic resin was not cool i freeked but a metal body canon was like 4000.00 EF-S lenses plastic alot of plastic lenses elements well both have practically like 99% no chromatic aberration. the 50 mm prime a touch of green on top and right edges dark green never seen this before its fixable. the noise ninja software fixes this as well it has a great noise software package. fixes lens problems as well. reads and write really fast . Buy class 10 cards nothing under 32 Gig i have a 16 and fill it in raw in 20 min. Big fun I am so happy i got this camera i was gona get the Nikon D7000 its a class higher but This camera is insane technical but its also a blast to take out and just grab shots . I highly recoment the canon 50mm f/1.8 mk2 as a walk around lense i was gona go for a Canon L 28-300 lens for crazy money this lens matches apx. my view in my right eye. and in my head when I see something it seems to catch exactly what I am envisioning Ive had it 5 days best lens ever maybe another prime or two in stead of a crazy hyper expensive zoom I call it the "model maker"
EyeCaptureEveryMoment 5 years ago
Love mine. Great for a first camera. Check out my cool pics i took !!
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