James Crackcorn 11:49pm, 7 April 2011
Let's start taking some pictures. Gotta represent our T2i's. I'm happy where I live that the snow is finally melting and soon will have some more nature pics. Or just take a picture of a spoon.
known bucket [deleted] 7 years ago
all i post is t2i shots, some older images snuck in from a previous camera, but I do love my t2i
Ra-photo 7 years ago
I'm loving my T2i. It is my first dslr and I think I'm getting some good shots.
remi35 5 years ago
The T2i is special even though they revamped this now to a level T4i they changed the sensor in it which is more geared to make video. wedding photographers use it as a second/back up camera. I was on here looking at stats right up front they said the T2i is a great camera. i called Cannon about something completely different and the tech told me the T2i has the same chip as the 7D only the T2i only has one processor and memory ect the 7 D is running 2 digic 5 processors in tandem lots of other little things . I think its neat and thats why it has a super following it has done everything i asked of it and way more this is a wicked sensitive sensor in there with really low noise for a crop sensor of 1.8 x my cat set up needs a heavy tripod to do true long distance work I know where to get it from Orion telescopes i want to put an 8 inch sct on the right tripod that also will do the 5 inch SCT with the focal reducer the shots should be decient at f/6.3 but i wonder if f/10 would be better to punch trough the distance.
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