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huiyiltd 3:47pm, 1 November 2010
If you have any questions for our app, please do not hesitate to post your questions here and we will try out best to get back to you as soon as possible.
jystevens1 6 years ago
I downloaded this app. camera flash new . it does not work. you take a pic and it does nothing. then the camera button and cancel are disabled with nothing in the view finder.

then I have to uninstall and reinstall and start over and it does it again.

it says this is for iphone 3 and newer so what do you think the problem is?
swdean 6 years ago
I have an iphone 4 and this app does not work! It locks up every time I try to take a picture. Total waste of a buck!
krgraham 5 years ago
Jayhawk Explorer PRO 5 years ago
Piece of junk app. I installed and loaded a photo and then all of a sudden the screen was black. No photo, no nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times and still doesn't work. Can I have a refund?
HoneyJack Meadery 5 years ago
I just purchased the FX foto app for my MAC and it will not install. I should have read all your poor reviews (every single review is poor...) before I purchase. If it will not instal and you charge me for the product I will file a fraud report.
chbphoto 5 years ago
The HDR Foto app works beautifully - the only two things it needs are:
1- capture GPS data
2- full iPhone resolution

Thanks for a great app!
blue5ft3 5 years ago
No answer to questions about FX Photo app that I asked, very disappointed will have to pass this one up I guess.
blue5ft3 5 years ago
Well answer or not when I saw it go down to 1.99 BRIEFLY I purchased it and it's a very good app, one of my favorite for months now, answer or not if you are having trouble and bought it at the Mac Apple store deleted it, download it again from the store and it should be fine. I had that happen with a couple of others now. HTH
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