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Are you happy with your 100 - 400 ?

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Mike Taddeo says:

I have been very happy with the results from this lens. At first was not sure about the trombone style but it grows on you after a while. I almost use this lens exclusively when outdoors. Interested in hearing others views.
11:02AM, 19 February 2011 PDT (permalink)

grandiose volcano [deleted] says:

Just bought mine, the zoom lock and focus with one hand is taking some practise but looking forward to practising more and more :)
88 months ago (permalink)

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dirkvervoort says:

i am verry happy
82 months ago (permalink)

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MICKA-53 says:

I 'm VERY,VERY happy with my 100-400 ,I have 3 other Canon L lens .I find I'm using it a good 80%. Of the time . Zooming in on birds at distance is just fantastic.
Originally posted 73 months ago. (permalink)
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furtive flock [deleted] says:

Very happy, I got mine 2nd hand (and it is *very* 2nd hand) from a popular auction site, and can't believe the quality it delivers even when freehand shooting, which I do far more than setting up with a tripod.

Heavy on the shoulder strap, though...!
73 months ago (permalink)

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dsqi_images says:

Awesome lens. It spends 90% of the time on my 7D
71 months ago (permalink)

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Over U Photography says:

I just became an owner of this lens.
It didn't impress me.
Admittedly I'm using a 60D Body but the images seemed softish. I did some test shots with it and a friends 70-300 EF-s. As an L series lens the difference was marginal. At f5.6 - good but after f9 it really goes soft.
Nobody seems to like the push-pull zoom. For me I'm tired of the reversed ring controls between zoom & focus with different lenses I use.
For peace of mind I'm getting the store manager to do a few tests on it.
69 months ago (permalink)

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ibzsierra says:

After watching many photographs made ​​with that goal I decided to buy two weeks ago that I have and just did two outputs with. The result is very good, far exceeds the expectations I had, a large telephoto am very happy with the
67 months ago (permalink)

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M666 says:

Can someone help me with deciding.
Should i go for 100-400 or 28-300 Canon lens?

Does a 2 x Teleextender work on the 100-400 mm lens?

How does it affect the F value?

I am a beginner photographer.
67 months ago (permalink)

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Dyno_KLWong says:

Yes...but it make my 600D so small.
I am new and just learning about photography.
Originally posted 67 months ago. (permalink)
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Melanie Leeson says:

I have had mine for two weeks and did fine my shots were a little soft at first. It seems to work really well now I'm using ap priority at f5.6 , keeping the ISO 100-200 spot metering and forcing the shutter to work faster on the birds. Not using a tripod too awkward for birds on the move. It also takes wonderful close-ups.
I also have kept my 70-200 f4 with an extender 1.4xIII for hikes etc however the 100-400 does out shoot it obviously for zoom, but quality wise too, much more detail. It is heavy but worth it's weight!
Originally posted 61 months ago. (permalink)
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Liz Callan says:

I have just brought one second hand and I love it. Especially for the wildlife. Just taken some butterflies today. It is heavy but you get used to it. The shoulder strap hanging by your side helps take the weight.
Still trying to find what else I can use it for other than birds and nature.
60 months ago (permalink)

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2.6 Million + views!!! Thank you!!! says:

Just joined the group, because I just picked up, second hand, one of these lenses. Took a few shots around the yard, and am very impressed with it. The real test for me will be in August, as I take it to the NASCAR race in Michigan, and get some shots of the racing on the track at 200mph!!!
60 months ago (permalink)

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|v3rba| says:

I love it! I've brought a second-hand, but it's perfect.
I usually like to walk in mountains and for this I need a light and handling tele, but with long zoom. This is stunning! I leave the 70-200 F4 IS for this.
Enjoy everybody!
54 months ago (permalink)

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edh23 says:

I miss mine, sold it when I got 300mm2.8. But I might t get another . Love it's zoom range and relatively light compared with my prime.for now using 70-200 f4is with extender, picture is no way near as sharp :(
Originally posted 50 months ago. (permalink)
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Paolo Pugliese says:

Has anybody used this lens with a teleconverter? results are good, at least with sufficient light?
47 months ago (permalink)

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PhasmatosOculus says:

I recently upgraded to one and I love it.

Using a 60d, with the EF-S 55-250 IS II at f/5.6, ISO 400 my shutter speed would be in the shade around 1/100th and even with IS on I still had some slightly shakey shots.

With the 100-400mm L lens, at the same settings, same light, my shutter speed is a lot quicker and you can see the IS working whilst focusing, as a shaky shot becomes very steady whereas my previous 55-250mm you would still see the shake through the viewfinder and would have to take the shot to see if it's any good.

What I am a little confused about is how noticeable noise is though.

At ISO 800, with the EF-S 55-250 you wouldn't see much noise in the RAW image prior to editing or during editiing.

However using ISO 800 witht he 100 - 400L I do see the noise a lot more (perhaps clearer rather than more) in the RAW image prior to editing and during editing.

Perhaps clearer and better glass meaning the noise effectively is tack sharp whereas the 55-250 the glass is not as tack sharp and thus "blurred" the noise.

I don't know.
47 months ago (permalink)

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bayofislandsphotos says:

Just posted my first 3 shots with this awesome lens. Love it.
40 months ago (permalink)

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