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The next deadline is Tuesday, May 5th. This drawing will be for completed quilt tops only.

Please continue posting blocks, but only the completed quilt tops will be entered into the final drawing of three layer cakes.

If you want to join, visit, sign up for the Layer Cake Quilt Along, and join the fun!


  • Value of Quilt

    I'm donating my quilt for a fundraiser. I don't know what value to give it. ...

    lab_quilt101 months ago6 replies

  • New quilter question about sashing and borders

    So I'm pretty new at quilting, and I've purposefully avoided sashing and borders...

    embellishedbeginnings107 months ago2 replies

  • Am I going to run out of Layer Cake squares?

    If I lost 3 squares on block #5 b/c I had to make it twice because the first tim...

    Nuts for Bolts107 months ago7 replies

  • How happy are you with your layer cake fabric range?

    I'm asking this, as I have found that Moda Eden doesn't really have a great cont...

    Pauline- A Stitching Frenzy107 months ago7 replies

  • How do you get such tight photo shots

    Many of you have your blocks perfect in your photostream. How do you all get th...

    Leslie can't stop quilting108 months ago8 replies

  • Finishing the quilt

    Now that we can see the light at the end of the Layer Cake tunnel, have you thou...

    ditzler108 months ago1 replies

  • Who else is using this fabric

    Dear Quilters. How may others are using "Pure" Fabrics. I am finding the direct...

    Greatauntz108 months ago0 replies

  • Flickr question

    If while you are in your photostream and you make sets of the quilt blocks can y...

    Leslie can't stop quilting108 months ago5 replies

  • The Basics Charity Challenge and AWESOME prizes

    I'm hosting a charity challenge to give the very basics to your local shelters, ...

    cara quilts109 months ago0 replies

  • Newbie Question!

    OK, so I'm a bit confused (which isn't really new for me lol) I read recently...

    embellishedbeginnings109 months ago2 replies

  • Layer Cake Quilt-A-Long

    I am new to the group. I am trying to learn how to quilt and came upon the moose...

    newquiltaholic109 months ago3 replies

  • Applique?

    Ok so I want to try an applique quilt. The problem is I can't find one I want t...

    bmjmsb109 months ago4 replies

  • Which has been your favourite block so far?

    My favourite I think is Block 2.

    whereismyseamripper109 months ago15 replies

  • MY block

    Hi, Why my block's photo isn't whit others? Thank you. Quilter 74

    quilter74109 months ago4 replies

  • Block 6

    I'm a bit confused, so if anybody has words of wisdom on how they put this block...

    whereismyseamripper109 months ago20 replies

  • Scraps?

    What is everyone doing with their leftover scraps? So far I have been putting th...

    cullensmommie110 months ago11 replies

  • The first 6

    I would love to see the first six blocks together. I will post mine on my blog ...

    ditzler110 months ago12 replies

  • Who else is making two quilts?

    I'm doing one in Eden and one in 12 Days of Christmas.

    Pauline- A Stitching Frenzy110 months ago20 replies

  • Directions on some block

    If you have a question, regarding a block and how to make it. I would like to ...

    Greatauntz110 months ago8 replies

  • How is your fabric holding up?

    I think my next few blocks are going to be challenging. I seem to have a lot of ...

    cshosford110 months ago1 replies

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