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Welcome, sew-alongers!


  • Finished Jacket

    You could say I am a little behind in finishing up the posting on my "Lady Grey"...

    mimiohs36 months ago3 replies

  • peek-a-boo giraffe quilt

    I was searching for a pattern for my daughter and found this really cute quilt. ...

    wavefan50 months ago0 replies

  • Attaching the lining

    Im a little confused about how to acttach the lining at the sleeves and hem. Wit...

    sewfist52 months ago3 replies

  • Back Stay or Fully Interfaced?

    So, I am doing a different coat in a medium weight stretch cotton (knee length t...

    Abbymomma52 months ago4 replies

  • how to shrink the sleeves, it is too wide

    Hi ladies, the sleeves are too wide for me, do you have a recommendation on how ...

    hokidoki52 months ago2 replies

  • front facing question

    hi ladies, question for you. I tweaked my front pattern a lot to correct the lap...

    hokidoki52 months ago2 replies

  • Transfering changes to the lining

    Hey guys Anyone know if Gertie will be posting on how to transfer the alts we...

    Affienia52 months ago5 replies

  • sew along over, and I'm just starting!

    Anyone else still at the muslin, cutting fashion fabric stage? If you are, I'll ...

    bhoomika452 months ago6 replies

  • Bound buttonhole question

    Hello, Has anyone noticed that the button holes for the smaller sizes bleed i...

    zilredloh53 months ago7 replies

  • Belt Loops

    Has anyone put the belt loops on the back of the coat yet? I was going to sew i...

    joens designs53 months ago2 replies

  • Hair Canvas Query

    Hello! So I'm still in the interfacing stages (I'm a slow sewer and proud!), but...

    meri.lugo53 months ago3 replies

  • Top stitching advice needed

    So I'm a bit behind but I FINALLY sewed the front pieces together and pressed th...

    Redrockcity153 months ago4 replies

  • sleeve length

    I'm about to hem my sleeves, and I'm wondering about length. Are bracelet sleeve...

    ChrissyJ53 months ago5 replies

  • Slouchy Sleeves

    My sleeves seem to have either too much length underneath the arm or ???? I'm no...

    JaimeSews53 months ago3 replies

  • Top stitch and catch stitch? Or just top stitch?

    I'm top stitching my seams because I love the look of top stitching. Is there a...

    thegirlwhoquilts53 months ago1 replies

  • Can we talk about hymo/interfacing?

    Initially I bought pellon ultra weft fusible interfacing, because I was in a hur...

    thegirlwhoquilts53 months ago6 replies

  • how to mark stitching lines on actual fabric????

    Hey guys. Once again I come seeking advice. How should I mark my sewing lines on...

    Affienia53 months ago6 replies

  • The Fear!

    As I mentioned in a comment on Gertie's blog, I have a hefty dose of Fear about ...

    Emmy-Seamstress53 months ago10 replies

  • Interfacing

    Ok, i am confused on one thing, if i understand correctly the hair canvas is bei...

    sewfist53 months ago1 replies

  • Help - how to transfer pattern alts to lining pieces

    Hey guys Does anyone know how to transfer pattern alts to the lining pieces? ...

    Affienia53 months ago2 replies

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