Juri Wagner 11:35pm, 9 November 2010
As everyone, probably, noticed already - main limitation of this scanner is lack of ability to handle medium format negs and pos. I was very disappointed when I first found it out, but when I was buying it over internet I didn't really pay much attention to that. As far as I shoot with my Lubitel 166B sometimes, I need some way of scanning my medium format. So far I managed to scan one roll and it seemed to be relatively fine. I managed to make sort of film-holder from cardboard and had to get a SilverFast software for scanning film. Maybe somebody also tried some way to scan medium format? Would gladly hear other solutions
an-s-ch Posted 11 years ago. Edited by an-s-ch (admin) 11 years ago
Hello Juri!
The fact that I can't use my scanner for 120 film irritated me for quite a time even despite I don't use medium format much. But when there appeared an occasion I found that medium format scanning quite possible on V300 with a few complications.
So my recipe is:
- cut the film on proper strips
for my case of 6x6 frame it was 3 frame strips, must be not longer then length of film-holder window;
- place the film simply on the scanner glass and use the film-holder on top of it to find the right film position, to press it down, straiten and fix
- scan a strip in 3 lines (the top one, middle and the low line) shifting the film under film-holder carefully
- stitch received images with some panoramic-able software
- postprocess on your taste.
Of course there is could be a million of methods to do this, I came to one above because there is minimal use of additional accessories, procedures or materials.
My results look like this.

It's interesting what does your cardboard film-holder look like and how do you use it because width of in-scanner light source seams not enough in any way for one-line scanning.
Juri Wagner 11 years ago
Sorry for taking so long to reply, but here is my solution...
DSC01863 by Juri Wagner
Bryn B Jones 11 years ago
I was gutted when I found out I couldn't scan my 120, especially because it was my own stupid fault for not researching the scanner properly.

@Juri Vagner, Are all your 120 pics in your photostream scanned using the cardboard holder?
Juri Wagner 11 years ago
@Bryn B Jones, No, just the last 6 were scanned by this method. Others were scanned from prints. Looking forward to trying out more medium format with my Epson.
Bryn B Jones 11 years ago
I look forward to trying this out.

I don't suppose you have the sizes of the cardboard and holes do you, or was it a bit trail and error?
Juri Wagner 11 years ago
The main hole is actually exactly 3 frames' size. That was quite silly of me to make them exactly the same size as film strip, thus I sometimes find it complicated to make sure that film holds in place properly. My experience shows that it would be much wiser to use cardpord's layers (any simple cardboard has 2 layes and curly layer in between them). So it would be perfect to fit negatives right between those two layers. Not sure how exactly I would do that, but I have some ideas, which I will need to try.
an-s-ch 11 years ago
Very neat solution Juri! It seams simple, handy, cheap and quite clear for reproduction. It would be nice also to make it a bit cuter or slicker, to paint it in colorful way or just in minimalistic black.
For very lazy ones (and for me as long as I shoot one medium format film per year) there is still more zen way, like this:

dtcooper83 11 years ago
just thought i'd mention that i successfully managed to scan MF film in this scanner... all i did was pulled the swinging plastic film holder bit off the main plastic film holder, then lay a strip of 3 120 negs across the gap.... you've then got to scan using normal preview mode (ie not thumbnail mode, or else it will automatically crop it to the size of 35 mm), select the area of your 3rd-of-a-neg, and scan away.... you've got to do it 3 times, so then you've got 9 files, top middle and bottom of 3 different frames... and reassemble using photomerge in photoshop or some equivalent. works perfectly!! here the results:

dtcooper83 11 years ago
yeah just properly read the above posts and that method is exactly what's already been suggested.... well, here's more proof that its possible!
MarcoFlicker 10 years ago
yes it's absolutely possible, you need only a small thick paper cutted at right length. Just a little tricky, little waste of time, but possible.

Here my first experiment:

old beetle by MarcoFlicker

contrasti 2 by MarcoFlicker
an-s-ch 10 years ago
great details Marko, looks like yashinon makes the difference to other pictures in this thread
jpr_me 10 years ago
While homemade holders do work, probably the easiest way to scan in medium format - or any size, for that matter - is to place the negative on the glass, put in the white document frame, go into Professional mode, and scan as a regular photo, leaving the size as Original. Then take your image (it will be reversed, of course) into Photoshop and use Image>Adjustments>Invert. You then have a positive imaage, scanned at the bitrate/depth you want.
~Jamesy~ 10 years ago
My father-in-law is scanning a bunch of really old negatives and he approached me for scanner advice. He has two lower end scanners. I immediately thought of the V300 or V330. Upon further discussion, it turns out they are old medium format of various sizes. I knew the 300 series does not handle it natively.

That said, what is it about the holders (Epson or cardboard) that is unique? Does the scanner detect them and activate lights under thelid of the scanner? I assume to scan a neg you need to have light pass through the negative that gets picked up by the scanner sensor.

I thought he would need to buy a V500 or V600 but seeing this thread maybe not.? What is stopping him from laying negatives down on the glass and using the technique described by jpr_me? BTW. what is the 'white document frame'?

Many thanks in advance!
jpr_me 10 years ago
The white document frame is the white piece of plastic that you put in place to do a regular, reflected light scan.
~Jamesy~ 10 years ago
Thanks. For most scanners that would be the top lid, would it not? Does the white document frame exist in the event you cannot close the lid on the scanner?
jpr_me 10 years ago
On the Epson 300, it slides into a slot on the top lid. When you scan film (normally, that is - using the film masking plastic frame), you'd remove the white document frame. For normal scanning (papers, book pages, etc}., you'd replace the document frame and remove the film scanning frame.
ntaylor159 8 years ago
I have an Epson Perfection 1660 Photo scanner that I'm having trouble scanning 120 negatives. Do you think this cardboard template would work for me? I have a template for 35mm and slides.
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