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Sam ♑ ADMIN November 20, 2015

Welcome to 14 Karat Gold. Please remember
1. Your photo must have 14 faves or 50 comments. All photos not meeting these requirements will be removed.

Only high quality photos, no people please!

2. Post ONE (1) photo and award FIVE (5) others in the pool.

Group Description


HERE IS THE NEW 14 KARAT GOLD Invitation Banner!

Your photo is invited to 14 Karat Gold !

THANKS TO janruss WHO CREATES THE BEAUTIFUL 14 Karat Gold Invitation Banner.


Welcome to 14 Karat Gold!!

DO YOU HAVE 14 FAVES or 50 Comments?
Please join us. No invite is necessary.
Photos that do not meet requirements will be removed.

We are not looking to be the largest group, but we are looking to be one of the BEST. We are looking for EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY PHOTOS. Admins reserve the right to remove photos that do not meet those requirements, without notice. If your image is removed, please do not repost.

Photo's will be range from Animals, Buildings, Humans, Landscapes, Mother Nature to Water so it will be pretty much anything (EXCEPT NUDITY). If you wouldn't want your mother or daughter to see it - it doesn't belong in this group!

Everyone loves comments. Please make sure to award FIVE (5) other photos at the time of posting. Don't wait until your image appears in the pool AWARD IMMEDIATELY! All awards should be made on the first two (2) pages of the group pool.

First time you post without leaving awards: Photo is removed.
Second time you post without leaving awards: Photo is removed and member is kicked. Third time you post without leaving awards: Photo is removed, member is banned.

Photos that earn 100 comments or 25 faves are eligible to post to our sister group, 24 Karat Gold.
Feel free to use the Invitation Request Thread to 24 Karat Gold.

Copy only what is between the divider for an AWARD

This wonderful beauty is <b>Awarded 14 Karat Gold</b>
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/14kgold/"><img src="https://farm4.static.flickr.com/3520/3250624625_679e342eaf_o.jpg"width="109" height="130" /></a>
I saw this dazzling beauty in the <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/14kgold/ "> <b>14kgold</b></a> group!

The AWARD will look like this:

This wonderful beauty is Awarded 14 Karat Gold
I saw this dazzling beauty in the 14kgold group!

14 Karat Gold is equipped with: (?²ˣ)

Group Rules


Basic rules for this group (refer to topic discussions for further rules):

1. No invitation is required.

2. Quality photos only. Admins and mods reserve the right to remove photos that do not meet our quality requirements without notice or warning.

3. Photos must have 14 Faves or 50 comments.

4. You must use the "award code" to comment on TWO (2) photos in the pool IMMEDIATELY after posting. Comment on photos in the first 2 pages of the pool only. Do not wait. We use a sweeper.

4. Do NOT block any Admin or Moderator. You may be banned.


6. Do NOT start any topic threads.


Les règles fondamentales pour ce groupe (font allusion aux discussions de thème pour les règles de plus) :

1. Aucune invitation n'est exigée.

2. Photos de qualité seulement. Admins et mods réservent le droit d'enlever des photos qui ne satisfont pas nos besoins de qualité sans préavis ou avertissement.

3. Les photos doivent avoir 14 Faves ou 50 commentaires.

4. Vous devez utiliser le 'code de prix' pour commenter DEUX (2) photos dans la piscine TOUT DE SUITE après le fait de poster. Le commentaire des photos à premières 2 pages de la piscine seulement. N'attendre pas. Nous utilisons un balayeur.

4. Ne bloquer pas d'Admin ou le Modérateur. Vous pouvez être interdits.


6. Ne commencer pas de fils de thème.

Spanish***** Translation*****

Las reglas básicas para este grupo (se refieren a discusiones de tema para reglas adicionales):

1. Ninguna invitación es requerida.

2. Fotos de calidad sólo. El Admins y los mods reservan el derecho de quitar fotos que no encuentran nuestras exigencias de calidad sin aviso o advertencia.

3. Las fotos deben tener 14 Faves o 50 comentarios.

4. Usted debe usar 'el código de premio' para comentar sobre DOS (2) fotos en el fondo INMEDIATAMENTE después de la fijación. Comentario de fotos en primeras 2 páginas del fondo sólo. No esperar. Usamos un barrendero.

4. No bloquear ningún Admin o el Asesor. Usted puede ser prohibido.


6. No comenzar ningún hilo de tema.

Italian***** Translation*****

Regole di base per questo gruppo (fare riferimento a discussioni argomento per altre norme):

1. Nessun invito è obbligatorio.

2. solo foto di qualità. Gli amministratori e moderatori si riservano il diritto di rimuovere foto che non soddisfano i nostri requisiti di qualità senza alcun preavviso.

3. Le foto devono avere 14 o 50 Faves commenti. 4. È necessario utilizzare il 'codice premio' in merito a due (2) foto nella pool IMMEDIATAMENTE dopo l'invio. Commenta le foto nelle prime 2 pagine della piscina solo. Non aspettare. Usiamo una spazzatrice.

4. Non bloccare le Admin o Moderatore. Si può essere vietato.


6. NON avviare qualsiasi thread di argomenti.


Grundregeln für diese Gruppe (beziehen sich auf Thema-Diskussionen für weitere Regeln):

1. Keine Einladung ist erforderlich.

2. Qualitätsfotos nur. Admins und mods behalten sich das Recht vor, Fotos zu entfernen, die unseren Qualitätsanforderungen ohne Benachrichtigung oder die Warnung nicht entsprechen.

3. Fotos müssen 14 Faves oder 50 Anmerkungen haben.

4. Sie müssen den 'Preis-Code' verwenden, um sich über ZWEI (2) Fotos in der Lache SOFORT nach der Versetzung zu äußern. Kommentar zu Fotos in den ersten 2 Seiten der Lache nur. Nicht warten. Wir verwenden einen Straßenkehrer.

4. Keinen Admin oder Vorsitzenden blockieren. Sie können verboten werden.


6. Keine Thema-Fäden anfangen.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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