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kndynt2099 ADMIN August 6, 2010
For anyone who has created a fake Criterion Collection cover, please share your cover in this group!

Group Description

For those who dream that certain films will become part of the Criterion Collection or for the dreamers in heart who dream of creating a Criterion Collection cover.

Group Rules

The rules are simple... Share your fake Criterion Cover that is tastefully done. Primarily of a film you would love to see released from the Criterion Collection (and if is never to be considered, at least be creative with your cover).

1. No covers with nudity or sexual intercourse (especially no basing your shared fake criterion cover on a porn film)
2. Be selective of what you add that is tasteful in the direction that the Criterion Collection is about. So, please avoid covers like "The Muppets", "Dora the Explorer", "Saved By the Bell" (you get the picture)
3. No excessively violent covers. (No decapitations, loss limbs, beheadings or anything uber violent)

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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