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garry887 2:44am, 9 November 2006
I've printed all my shots here from scans of glass slides taken between 1898 and 1937. Photographer I think is one Percy Dannatt, resident of Greenwich London and orn in 1879. Slides were given to me when I was teaching photography in the area. A treasure (I have around 60 or so to scan in my first take.
Tracy Rowan 11 years ago
I have some glass negatives to scan and was wondering if there's a trick to it. Any tips you could give me?

Thnx in advance,
great photos.
just play with it till it works, hmm thats sounds nasty,,, google or use your favorite search and it will help also ebay has the details also
Tracy Rowan 11 years ago
"SIR: Poseyal, No, that didn't sound nasty at all. It's pretty much what I'd expect, but I thought I'd ask. Never hurts to ask, right? *g*
never hurts to ask, and we all know sometimes we get answears we are very happy with... i do know glass negatives and slides make som e of the best photos
Justin Cormack 11 years ago
If they are old enough you should try printing them rather than scanning, you will probably get better results. This is not a great scan, but the amount of detail in dark and light areas would be difficult on a scan, as old glass negs are very contrasty. This is on printing out paper which is fairly easy to get, and if you just want to scan the paper you dont even need to fix or tone it... just expose in sunlight. (helps to have a contact printing frame the right size and some chemicals too but nothing much).

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Glass positives may be easier (I have some but havent tried scanning yet).
Check out produced by the Image Permanence Institute or the Northeast Document Conservation Center - They have lots of brochures and things about preserving the slides.
snap-happy1 PRO 8 years ago
Anyone looking for hints to scanning their glass negatives, feel free to check out my 'How I Scan Glass Plate Negatives' set. I've been scanning glass negs for years, and they turn out fairly well.
Gozohondoq 5 years ago
I have quite a number of old poss victorean and edwardean glass slides and would like to turn some of them into photographs but not having the equipment to do this.has anyone knowledge of a Lab or outlet that can process the for me pref in the north west
My e mail address

Thank you
these are great
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