MelancholyWings PRO 6:39pm, 7 September 2013
Hi! I just joined the group and wanted to introduce myself^^

I'm not new to Blythe and have been on and off forums, and have even been to a few local meets long ago. But I'm typically a lurker. I collect all kinds of dolls, I love to sew and recently moved to the Bothell area.
yakimaw 5 years ago
Hi Melancholy Wings..I'm another recent Blyther living near Bothell. I'd love to meet you most any time. We could meet at Third Place Books or a Starbucks. Will you be going to BlytheCon2013 in NYC. I will and am so excited.

SeattleSunflower 5 years ago
Hi MelancholyWings!

When I read your post I knew I had to respond - I could have written the exact same description for myself! I too am not new (I've been collecting Blythe over 5 years), I occasionally post on the forums (but mostly I am a lurker), AND I too live in the Bothell area.

I just wanted to say welcome from another "quiet collector".
blytheyluv 5 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to Blythe starting in January. Wow, time flies I have so many dolls now that I feel like its been longer. I'm in Seattle and haven't met any fellow Blythe collectors yet. I'd be interested in meeting, if you all are planning something. I am also interested in Pullips and crafting for dolls.

I've been on the forums but just found this group on Flickr.
MelancholyWings PRO 5 years ago
I'd love to meet up with you all! I can only do weekends due to work. Would that work for everyone else? And I'm seriously so excited for Blythe Con.
blytheyluv 5 years ago
Weekends sound great. I could meet you guys in Bothell, Third Place Books sounds good.

I'm not going to Blythecon so perhaps after the event? Last weekend in October or sometime in November?
MelancholyWings PRO 5 years ago
That sounds great!
blytheyluv 5 years ago
I've never been there, do we reserve a room or just sit at a table?
photos4sue current PRO 5 years ago
I haven't checked into this group in a while but I'd like to say "hi" to you guys!
I live south, close to Burien and the airport. Next time you want to meet up I would love to join you!
blytheyluv 5 years ago
I've been swamped at work and not able to do anything. I'll check back later to see if folks want to get together in December.
blytheyluv 5 years ago
Hi photos4sue, I love your doll! I bought an Asian Butterfly and am waiting to get her from Toy Malaysia.
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