photos4sue current PRO 10:13pm, 10 October 2012
Hey ya'll! I have so much sewing to do and can never find the time. Thought it might be fun to get together for a day and turn it into a party! Not sure where or when, or if anyone would be interested. Just thought I'd throw it out, then go from there!
Tiny Haus PRO 6 years ago
sounds fun! What part of town are you thinking?
sassybead PRO 6 years ago
I'd love to have a day for sewing! I'll keep an eye here for details, so please count me in!
photos4sue current PRO 6 years ago
Oh so glad you guys are into it! It would probably have to be on a weekend day for me. And October is filling up, so maybe in November??? My first two weekends in November are totally open. And I have NO idea where to do it. My house it out because I will end up having to take care of my kids :( Could we use the library for this sort of thing??
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