Spring meet?

sofaeryrotten 7:18am, 25 March 2012
I've been doing a lot with my dolls the past couple weeks, and my friend Luci (she showed up towards the end of the last meeting and had pho with those of us bitter-end types) is moving to San Diego in May. Before she goes I'd like to have another Blythe Bash, she may be coming to Con in Dallas but we aren't sure yet. She's going to be staying with me some of April (not sure on exact dates, flexible), which will make transit easier. (She got lost last time.)

Since she's leaving in May, it'd have to be sometime in April. Anyone else interested?

I'm clear the whole month, my hubby is home on leave.
anashadow1 6 years ago
I will be up Easter weekend!
Tiny Haus PRO 6 years ago
unfortunately I'm slammed with work this month : / But have fun!
photos4sue current PRO 6 years ago
Easter weekend is out for me due to family functions, next weekend is also out for me :( Hopefully you guys can meet soon, and hopefully I will be able to join you!!
Q. Q. Kachoo PRO 6 years ago
Hmm, I might be able to make it...any weekend in April is pretty much good for me. The only Blythe I own is a petite though, so hopefully I'd be allowed in. ;^P
sofaeryrotten 6 years ago
Sorry for the delay in response, Easter was busy for me too. Would the 21st work for you Sue and Q. Q. Kachoo? All dolls are welcome. :) I had one sadly customed Blythe and a Love Me Linda at the first meet I went to last year. What area works best for you two? IMHO, the further south the better. Ballard was a drive.
Q. Q. Kachoo PRO 6 years ago
I live in Everett, but I'm sure I can get a ride (or ride the bus) almost anyplace in Seattle.
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