Opherias keeper 6:01am, 6 July 2011
I recently got into this hobby and know no one who shares the same interest or knows anything about this cute doll
it would be fun to see others dolls and what not.
I live in Everett Washington and if anyone wants to start talking I would really like that. ^^
Tiny Haus PRO 7 years ago
Welcome to the area :) a few of us are planning to do a meet July 16th at Discovery Park in Seattle...
Opherias keeper 7 years ago
thank you ^_^

well I might have to check that out :)
Q. Q. Kachoo PRO 7 years ago
Hey, I'm in Everett! I've been looking for local doll buddies too. I don't have any Blythes yet, though. :^P
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