Blythecon 2011

sofaeryrotten 9:30pm, 6 March 2011
Who is planning on going? I am, and I have 4 extra seats in my car plus lots of dolly space in the back (it's a 4 door hatchback) if anyone needs a ride/wants to carpool/conserve gas. I live in Olympia, WA. Just thought I'd extend the offer! :)

It's on Monday, June 20th from 12-5 pm in Portland, OR. I was planning on just driving down for the day, but am very flexible.


I'm now planning on leaving the afternoon prior- Sunday, June 19th, and only have 3 available seats. I probably will head back to Oly on Tuesday.
Tiny Haus PRO 7 years ago
Cool! I think we need a Blythcon thread!
I'm going too, but I'm heading down on Sunday with some friends. Thank you for posting.
sofaeryrotten 7 years ago
Fun! Where are you guys staying?

The more I think about it, the more I'd like to stay Sunday and Monday nights. I'm just really new to this, I've only been to one convention (Penguincon) and there I had friends. :(

Do you think I'd find enough people to chill with while down there?
Tiny Haus PRO 7 years ago
Portland is a really small town... you could probably do it in a day or 2. That being said you'll run into a lot of Blythe folks. Just look for the cameras and dolls! I would recommend the Ace Hotel, that's the con's hotel so there will be many folks staying there.
sofaeryrotten 7 years ago
Main post updated. Still have the whole back seat available! ;)
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