schnitzle PRO 7:36pm, 26 November 2010
I guess no one met up in November. Is anyone planning on being there December 4th?
lisa_lomano 8 years ago
I won't be, I'll be in Walla Walla that weekend. I think Sara's got UCU she's doing.
Tiny Haus PRO 8 years ago
I've got the new place... Oh and UCU!
schnitzle PRO 8 years ago
Yeah I won't be able to make it either :P Too much homework etc. One week until winter break!!

Diem are you doing UCU?!
sassybead PRO 8 years ago
I'm going to be there and so is Brionne. I'm sorry everyone you guys can't make it.

How about you, Zoe, and Jessie?
owl be fine 7 years ago
I'm not going to be able to be there tomorrow...I have to work on my senior project.

Sorry I always flake on these! I'll try to start going soon.
Tenuki Handcrafts 7 years ago
Hi all, a newbie to this group but not to this group still Oasisi? I'd like to go and there's Doeeyed from Vancouver who's interested....we're ressurrecting the TIB Seattle meet-up thread, if ya'll are interested.
Tiny Haus PRO 7 years ago
Yeah, we just started this in Oct. There's not a lot of action, but the more the merrier. I think it's best to post a "Who's coming this month" thread. I don't think anyone was there over the holidays.
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