Finance Book Reader 5:05am, 10 November 2020
The Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania's primary objective is to introduce a market system for the benefit of the weaker sections of the society such as rural households, small scale and medium scale enterprises. They aim to improve the existing market system by offering capacities and job opportunities.

Role of financial services in the field of Agriculture
The Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania aims to implement improved financial services, which cater to the needs, and requirements of Tanzanian's who are employed. The purpose of financial services is to monitor the obstacles of agriculture as well as financial transactions involved in rural households. They aim to limit the constraints involved in the field of financial sector across the country.

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania carefully monitors the transactions, which are occurring in the field of agriculture industry in Tanzania. They also keep track of the usage of financial products as well as services on a regular basis. The trust has also introduced a theme intervention to strengthen the role of financial sector in improving the welfare of Tanzanian farmers and development of financial sector as well.

Rural finance in Tanzania
The rural finance has streamlined the financial transactions across the country thereby improving the financial inclusion for the rural households along with small and medium scale enterprises in Tanzania. A top quality financial service as well as products plays a pivotal role in the growth of rural finance. They are very essential to gain access to financial services and in the improvement of welfare of the society.

Projects launched by Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania

The Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania in joint collaboration with Wanawake Na Maendeleo Foundation or in short, WAMA raised technical assistance to provide Community Based Savings Group such as Village Savings and Loans. They are planning to deliver it across four major districts in the Linda region of Tanzania. This project was launched with the objective to provide financial services to the weaker section of the society of Tanzania.

The Aga Khan Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, introduced a project named Boresha Maisha project in the regions of Mtwara and Lindi. These two are some of the major regions in Tanzania, which has least access to financial services. The project was implemented by working with the Community Based Savings Group. Out of which about eight thousand two hundred and fifty nine groups were actively involved in this project back in the year 2014. It is estimated that the total membership was one lakh fifty nine thousand two hundred and seventy seven where almost half of the group were women.

SEDA which is a micro credit NGO located at Arusha (a city which is situated in the Northern Tanzania) is currently working with The Financial Sector Deepening Trust of Tanzania to enhance the current Management Information System of Small Enterprise Development Agency. It involves increasing efficiency of office staffs.
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