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Welcome to Decisive Action 4: Hammer to Fall! Only new official DA4 MOCs or associated lore-based images may be added to the photo pool, all others will be deleted without warning or explanation.



  • STICKY  All Hail General Tequila!

    With a final territory count of 28, your DA4 Champion is General Tequila of Tequ...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago40 replies

  • STICKY  Command Bulletin!

    This thread is reserved for DAS use only, as a way to communicate critical and o...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago98 replies

  • STICKY  World Map

    Because the "Admin Blast" function doesn't seem to work on Flickr's mobile app, ...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago16 replies

  • STICKY  Attack Window

    This thread is strictly dedicated to the weekly declaration of attacks, all othe...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago53 replies

  • STICKY  ORBAT [Order of Battle]

    This is the official ORBAT [Order of Battle] thread. This is a complete list of ...

    Keith Goldman6 weeks ago18 replies

  • STICKY  Building Categories and Specifications

    This thread is reserved for official DAS use only and will remain locked. If you...

    Keith Goldman2 months ago24 replies

  • STICKY  Basic Rules

    INTRODUCTION: These are the rules to DA4. If you don't read them carefully, y...

    Keith Goldman4 months ago5 replies

  • STICKY  Welcome to DA4 [Rutherford's Mission Statement]

    When Michael Rutherford launched the first Decisive Action in 2014 he had a very...

    Keith Goldman4 months ago0 replies

  • General Conversation 5: Destroy All Monsters!

    All good conversations must come to an end. Speak now, or forever hold your pea...

    Keith Goldman2 days ago107 replies

  • The Wolves Den 2: Texas Blood Money

    Fog of War!:

    Juxtaposition of Perspectives [Author's note: This work is ...

    Keith Goldman8 days ago58 replies

  • Achievement Unlocked!

    In-game achievements have no effect on gameplay in any way shape or form. You ma...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago82 replies

  • Questions 4: Ghost Protocol

    You still have questions....we still have answers! Thank you for choosing Wen...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago132 replies

  • Reveal Yourself!

    madLEGOman suggested that it might be nice to know who everyone is outside of th...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago44 replies

  • RELPO 2: The Final Curse

    You all know how RELPO goes at this point. If you need a reference, see the ori...

    VAkkron2 weeks ago111 replies

  • Feedback Archive

    Typically the DAS likes to wait until the end of the game to solicit the feedbac...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago98 replies

  • The Adjustment Bureau

    This thread is reserved for players who wish to contest the outcome of an Attack...

    Keith Goldman2 weeks ago55 replies

  • All-Star ORBAT

    Now that all the MOCs have been submitted, inspected and approved, it's time for...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago3 replies

  • Leader Board

    This is your official DA4 Victory Conditions Leaderboard. The eventual champion...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago7 replies

  • The National Cemetery

    The purpose of this thread is to list the defeated DA4 Generals and Burgomeister...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago127 replies

  • City States [Burgomeisters]

    This thread is reserved for the DAS to interact with City States and the Burgome...

    Keith Goldman3 weeks ago115 replies

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