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CLOSED New contest: What I Like About Spring

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♞Jenny♞ is a group administrator ♞Jenny♞ says:

Okay, let's have fun

The theme is "What I Like About Spring"

Please post your images in medium size. No invite is needed. Does not matter when the photo was taken. It just has to have a spring theme.

Only one entry per person.

The thread will remain open until there are 50 entries. When the limit has been reached, it will be time to vote.

Please don't vote until the 50 entry limit has been reached.

Vote for your 3 favorite photos, not your own, and the photo with the most votes wins. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place winner announced also.

To vote, we will use the comment boxes right here in the contest thread. The empty boxes, not the ones with the picture you are voting for.

Let's have fun with this contest and good luck :-))

Be sure to number your entry
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