♞Jenny♞ PRO 4:40pm, 9 October 2010
I feel like I've totally neglected this group. I've been so darn busy. But need to get something going again.

Anyone have good ideas for a new contest?

If so, let's hear them.
Romair PRO 8 years ago
Definitely not "bears!" No one on Flickr could compete with you...
labels_30 8 years ago
I agree with Romair, and you've kept us so entertained with those bear shots that I don't think anyone noticed any neglect of the group.
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
Okay!!! So now I really know who my friends are !!!!!!

Anyone else???
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
so, still waiting for more responses!!!
jcowboy PRO 8 years ago
Hi Jenny,

I don't usually enter contests as I'm too busy. Also I seldom post to groups for the same reason. If I do post to a group I always comment on at least 3 photos in that group (my personal rule).

BTW your AWE-MAZING horse images are having a tough time competing with your bears! The horses must find it unbearable! ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist!
Pinto66 (Denise) 8 years ago
hmmm.... not feeling all that creative today I guess... halloween??
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
I think everyone's in a bit of a slump. Flickr seems to be dying down or something. Gotta liven things up a bit
yelovet00 PRO 8 years ago
Just wanted to say I am paying attention, sort of, only 6 days late.
Brian Howell PRO 8 years ago
I think a monthly contest might be best. Basic themes are good - a color, silhouette, flower, sunrise / sunset, water related, night, lightning, clouds, rain, mountains, trees, rustic settings, rusted things, old people, young people, smiles, faces, birds, barns, sea life, deer, reflections...
There's plenty of participation in this pool so the theme needs to be specific enough so that apples are not compared to oranges.
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
I like your ideas Brian. Once a month contest is good enough for me with all I have going on outside of flickr. Would be easier for me, that's for sure. And all you too.

And I agree that there has to be some basic theme.

Okay, I think I'll start a new contest thread and we'll see what happens. See if anyone is paying attention.
Lisa Ann Photography 8 years ago
Hi Jenny I like Brian's idea
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
me too.
lily-girl PRO 8 years ago
'Ditto' to Brian's idea !~ Seems like many of us are extremmely busy right now...once a month sounds do-able !
YEAR BY YEAR PRO 8 years ago
i am yur friend. bout them bears. ... you can not help but win ... but that would be a little self serving... LOL. o.k . guys the contest is bears try and beat me. hee hee. you know contests are always too hard for me to figure out. .... i think you should find a really great way to run one for dummies. like myself. like here is this contest. go ahead and pick one . shot your best ..... try. and post it . with contest entry on the title. ... to be placed somehow???????????? as the one you enter. that way. i can do it. but all the other bells and whistles keep me from winning. can ya do that girlfriend.??? les in other words cut to the chase and just have people vote in ten being the best chose a number. that way all ya got to do is count up the numbers for a winner or in fact a tie. ect. does that make sense. forget the paste and whatever stuff and awards because they take up the space and make ya crazy scrolling down to even comment. ...
sweetshyjoan2 8 years ago
Hi Jenny

What about Autumn scenes? We are in one of the most beautiful times of the year.
Jon in Thailand PRO 8 years ago
Brian has stated some good ideas.
Autumn scenes would be nice but
only for certain parts of the world...;-)
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
I've been AWOL here. Sorry. I like the idea of autumn scenes too, but like you say Jon, some places don't get as nice of color
canaltowntraveler PRO 8 years ago
I think tug boats of NY state should be the theme ;-)
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
hmmm Jim. Now there's an idea, LOL. I think all of us probably have oodles of tug boats of NY state in our archives, LOL, you nut. Anymore ideas anyone??
canaltowntraveler PRO 8 years ago
Just trying to "get a leg up" as it were.
♞Jenny♞ PRO 8 years ago
hee hee!!!
~ Western Dreamer ~ 8 years ago
I've been very bad I'm afraid at keeping up with groups, contacts... :( shame on me! There are just not enough hours in the days I'm afraid for all we all have on our plates.... I just try to do what I can when I can and hope others can certainly understand that and empathisize with it! ;~) Perhaps something relating to Fall??? Otherwise maybe old barns, lighthouses, covered bridges, butterflies, bears ;~), wildlife - either specified or broad and wide open, cats, dogs, yadayadayada!
Nancy Harris PRO 8 years ago
Brian had some great ideas---sunrise/sunset, rustic settings or reflections---everyone has some of these!!
quixotic texture [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by quixotic texture (member) 8 years ago
Why not have the best as voted by members posted on the front page?

Also one of those "this Group's most interesting photos" banners on the front page would be nice this is how you can get one (paste in to the front page) ~

WAY Better Than Good - View this group's most interesting photos on Flickriver
SnapHappyExpat PRO 7 years ago
I'm in! I'm getting a bit weary of the post one / award 200 type groups and want to just focus on a few key groups where the image quality is good and the comments genuine and meaningful. Would love to see a regular comp here.
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