♞Jenny♞ PRO 2:32pm, 4 September 2010
I really want to thank all of you who participated in this contest. You all made it so much fun, that by golly, I think we may just have to do this again soon. I am leaving for Alaska Tuesday morning though and will be gone for most of the month, so it won't be until after I get back.

Maybe some of you could try and come up with some ideas for the next contest. Hopefully, you will keep this group alive while I'm gone. There will be a pretty good stretch of time where I won't have any internet. So I'll count on you guys to support the group :-)

Meanwhile, this contest was a great success with some truly outstanding shots posted. It really was hard to choose just 3 shots, but alas, we did and here they are!!!! So come congratulate the winners for a job well done!

1st Place goes to: Sandy for that adorable fawn picture. I'm sorry there is only a link here, but the option to copy and paste the HTML was not available for this picture.

2nd Place to:

Lightning Over Barnegat Bay

and last but not least, 3rd Place goes to:

the sun will shine tomorrow...
SnapHappyExpat PRO 8 years ago
3 excellent shots! Well done all!
KaCey97078 PRO 8 years ago
As you said, Jenny, it was hard to chose... They were all excellent shots..
Congrats 1
To the winners and keep on shooting those beauties!!
cowgirlprincess 8 years ago
Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated. I love these contests but I hate to try to have to pick just 3, they are all so amazing.! Thank you Jenny for this contest, it was fun and I look forward to the next one!
canaltowntraveler PRO 8 years ago
I'm honored to be in the presence of such artists, all of you. Congratulations to the three that stand at the front of the line. Nice work everyone. Thanks Jenny it was fun.
elizgely PRO 8 years ago
These were all wonderful shots. They certainly deserved to win. Congratulations to all. This was lots of fun. Thank you for inviting me.
Romair PRO 8 years ago
A fun contest, Jen. The entries were, without exception, fabulous, and congrats to the winners.
Congratulations to the three winners! Truly awesome photos!!
Looking forward to the next contest now too :))
sweetshyjoan2 8 years ago
Wonderful contest. Congratulations to all the winners.

Jenny you wanted some ideas for the next one, what about one on Fall Colours. Then one on Winter. In other words, on the four seasons plus others in between.

Enjoy your trip.

janoid PRO 8 years ago
I am honored to have been included in this wonderful contest, and all the pictures are winners.... Thanks Jenny for including me in this delightful group, contest, and the company of such fine photographers.
Thanks for the honor of choosing my photo as third place--I couldn't be more surprised, and more proud! :)

Have a safe and wonderful trip, sweet Jenny! I know I'll be just one of many who will miss you! (I can't wait to see your Alaska photos!! :)
congrats to all the winners...yay!!
Hey Jenny.. and everyone who voted.. wow.. gosh.. I'm flabbergasted and so honored to have my little newborn fawn photo take 1st place. I've never won anything before and being among such incredible, awesome, talented, artistic, creative photographers is truly an honor.. Thank You All SOOOOOOO darned much:

Here's the fawn.. sorry, I had the license so no one could download my work.. (I changed it for the fawn photo now)
Bambi and I thank you So much!!
I have a new lawn ornament.. Bambi  :)

Bubba Trout 8 years ago
Congrats, Sandy! I would have voted for yours and Jan's too.
Peggy Collins 8 years ago
There were so many fantastic entries in this contest it was a pleasure to see and lots of fun to participate...congratulations to the winners but then again, they were all winners IMHO!
Congratulations to all the winners!! Fun contest!
resolute shirt [deleted] 8 years ago
woohoo way to go sandy and everyone else with there contest pics ;)
october blue PRO 8 years ago
A fine contest ....thanks for having it Jenny . Bravo for the winners ...3 excellent shots !
Birgit Zimmermann 8 years ago
congrats to the winners, it was a fun contest :)
~ Western Dreamer ~ 8 years ago
What wonderful images... Congrats to those in the top spots! Looking forward to the next contest.... and you be careful out there in that Alaskan wilderness dearest GF of mine!!! HURRY BAAAAACK! ;~) Miss ya BUNCHES already!!!
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