ludicrous truck [deleted] 2:46pm, 14 June 2012
**contest announcement has been edited in the following sections for clarification: the cut-off time for when the contest ends, How to enter the contest, Vintage embroidery pattern sources, Photo caption requirement part 2, and right under the heading "Rules for entering the contest in any category." instruction on how to insert a non-flickr image into your 1st comment**


Contest begins Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Contest ends Friday, July 20, 2012
Category winners announced Wednesday, July 25
Grand prize winner announced Monday, July 30
Door prize winners announced Monday, July 30

*To be fair to everyone the cut-off time (or end time) for the contest is one minute before it becomes Saturday, July 21 in whatever time zone you are in. So, for example, for those of us on the east coast in the USA, the cut-off time would be 11:59pm EST on Friday, July 20. [added 7/13/2012]

(1) Join our group,
New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns, (2) stitch up something fantastic that fits in with one of the three contest categories, (3) add your photo(s) to our group pool, and (4) keep reading this post for all the rules and details! (And yes, I know there are sooo many more words as I tend to ramble, but bear with me, this is going to be fun!) (Edited Tues 6/19 @ 1:20pm for clarification)


Summer Theme - any vintage embroidery pattern that captures the meaning and spirit of summer for you.

Modified Pattern- Want to make a vintage pattern your own by altering it, go ahead! Just make sure to follow the extra directions. (see below)

One pattern, many stitchers - show us some stitchy fun with this Capper's Weekly Needlecraft Design 7391 shared by flickr member doe-c-doe

The judges will select one winner from each category. There will be a total of 3 category winners and all 3 will all receive prizes from our awesome and generous prize sponsors (see below)! Yay! Then, from the 3 category winners, all of y'all will vote (via an online poll) for a Grand Prize Winner and he/she will receive an original, uncut vintage Vogart embroidery pattern (!!!) from Kathleen of Midvale Cottage on etsy, some amazing stitchy loot donated by DMC, and a set of 3 natural tea towels from Missouri Star Quilt Co.!!!

The judges are: Brooke from Colonial Patterns, Vicki from PatternBee, and Emily from The Floss Box.

Many of our NEwVP members not only embroider, but sew and quilt and do other crafts too. But please note, the judges for this contest are only judging the embroidery and not the finished product.

Everyone who participates in The Summer of Vintage Stitchy Love Contest has a chance to win something terrific!


Vintage is considered at least 25 years old, so anything prior to 1987 would work!

As always, copyright-free, vintage embroidery patterns can be found in the
Hoop Love pool on flickr. A big thank you to all who have shared patterns! (Please note, your membership in Hoop Love may need to be approved by the group administrator, so you may not get instant vintage embroidery pattern gratification once you request to join Hoop Love).

It is not necessary that your pattern come from the Hoop Love Group pool. If you have original, vintage embroidery patterns in your stash, feel free to use them! You still need to follow the "photo caption requirement part 2" rule (see below).

(this clarification in italics and in bold italics was added at 12:30pm on Sunday, 6-17)

**Please read all "rules" below carefully, I am not going to have the time to leave comments on your flickr photos reminding you to include what you are missing. Photos without any or all of the requirements below, will not be added to the photo galleries for judging**

**If you follow the below rules/requirements/guidelines correctly, you will get a comment from me (bookwormbethie) within 24 - 48 hours after your photo(s) have been added to our group that will say that your photo(s) has been added to a specific gallery. If you don't get a comment from me, review all the rules/requirements/guidelines again to see what information you are missing. (added 6-19)

**Your stitchy photos must be added to the New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns flickr group

**You may enter more than 1 category, but there will be three individual winners.

**Each stitchery will be entered into 1 category only.

**Entry must be hand-embroidered by you and be brand new.

**Photo title and tagging requirements: All photo entries must include one of the following phrases for both the photo title and tags: "summer theme," "modified pattern," or "one pattern, many stitchers." You, of course, can add other words of your choice to your photo title and tags.

**Photo caption requirement part 1: Include a couple (or more) sentences explaining the reason you chose your pattern.

**Photo caption requirement part 2:
If you found the pattern in hoop love, please provide the screen name of the flickr member who shared the pattern along with a direct URL weblink (no tiny URL or other shortened links) to the pattern. For example,"I found my pattern in the hoop love pool. It was shared by barncat1,; Also, if known, include the specific maker of your vintage pattern. For example, "It is a vintage Kate Marchbanks pattern from Capper's Weekly Magazine." If the specific maker of your vintage embroidery pattern is unknown, please include in the caption, "maker of vintage pattern unknown."
If the vintage embroidery pattern is from your own stash, please say something like "this pattern is from my own personal stash." Also be sure to share the specific maker information. If the specific maker of your vintage embroidery pattern is unknown, please include in the caption, "maker of vintage pattern unknown." (this clarification in italics was added at 12:30pm on Sunday, 6-17)
It is important to give credit where credit is due.

**Make sure your flickr account settings allow your photo(s) to be added to galleries. (Additional instructions below)

**No advertising, no etsy (or other) shop links. Photos containing advertising graphics or text will be deleted from the group and will not be entered in the contest.


**Please do not modify a vintage pattern to add explicit language, nudity, violence, etc....

**You must make the first comment for your contest photo. This comment must include the image of the vintage pattern you choose to modify. Here are instructions as to how to insert the image (and by using the word "image" I mean vintage embroidery pattern) into the first comment: (1) go to the flickr webpage where the image is located, (2) copy the entire flickr url from your browser's address bar, (3) paste it into the comment box, (4) and then put brackets around the pasted url [like this], (5) and then publish your comment. Then the original vintage pattern image will magically appear in the comment box. This is essential so the judge(s) has an easy way to compare your modified stitchery to the original pattern.

edited to add on 7/5: If for some reason the vintage image you are using is not from flickr, here's what you need to do:
(1) Right click the image and click "copy image location"
(2) Go to your 1st comment box for your newly uploaded photo
(3) Click "Want to format your comment?"
(4) Use the very last one that has the words "img src" in it.
(5) Type the code into your comment box and "paste" the image location into the URL spot

**Photo caption requirement part 3: please list what modifications/changes you made

**Two examples of modifying a vintage embroidery pattern. Click both pictures to see what changes they made and to see the original pattern. The photo on the top is from flickr peep maripenquilts and the photo on the bottom is from oneplaidaunt.


**Each embroidery contest entry will be put into 1 of 3 galleries for the judges and everyone to view.

**Please check your flickr gallery settings: Once you are logged into flickr, go to "you" on the menu, click "account," and then click the "privacy & permissions" tab. Make sure it says "yes" for allowing others to put your photos in a gallery. While you are in the "privacy and permissions" section, if you feel comfortable doing so as you do not have to for the contest, make sure it says "yes" for "allow others to share your stuff" -- this is necessary for me being able to share y'alls photos on -- choosing "yes" for "sharing" does open you up to other external sharing options that you may or may not want.

Summer Theme
Modified Pattern
One pattern, many stitchers
**Each gallery can hold 18 photos, additional galleries will be created if the first ones fill up!**



All three category winners will receive an e-book, Little Book of Embroidery volume 1, from Emily of The Floss Box.

Emily's bio: Embroidery in its many forms is one of my great passions. I focus primarily on raised embroidery techniques, crewel work, and lately free embroidery. I keep a blog with my needlework projects at My pattern store is The Floss Box. It's been great fun creating the designs and building my site up, (on etsy too, This year I started the Embroidery Journal Project (inspired by the bead journal project) for those that want to use embroidery projects as a way of journaling whatever they feel inspired to. We have a Flickr group and a blog, all are welcome,

One category winner will receive 5 previously out-of-print patterns that have since been re-printed from Colonial Patterns: 4014 Baby Chicks, 4015 Adorable Puppy, 4016 Barn Animals, 4017 Kooky Kitchen, 4020 Happy Homemaker

Colonial Pattern company bio: The company was founded in the 1930s and has only changed owners three times -- from the founders, the Tillotson's, to the Swenson's in 1949, and then the to the Price family in 1974. Colonial Patterns, Inc. (although the company has operated under other names in the past, and today most people refer to the company as "Aunt Martha's") is, and has always been, an American-owned family business. Colonial Patterns is currently re-designing their website (it is still fully functional) and hopes to have it ready by August!
you can read Colonial Pattern's full history here!

The second category winner will win two PDF vintage embroidery patterns of his/her choice from Vicki at PatternBee.

Vicki's bio: My name is Vicki Haninger and "turkey feathers" is my little home:craft corner of the blogasphre. Since I was a girl, I've had a passion for hand stitching and embroidery. In 1965, I purchased my first Vogart pattern for 29c and began incorporating the designs into my clothing. Eventually, it all lead to what I'm doing today; collecting and restoring out-of-print transfers. These vintage treasures are offered through my web-shop PatternBee so other kindred stitchers can source them. My love of craft sewing, quilting, and gardening eventually led to two self-published Indie books: Blanket Statement & Embroidery Craft where I share a bit of stitchy fun!

The third category winner will receive these gorgeous magenta scissors + "this took forever" ribbon from Sublime Stitching!

Sublime Stitching company bio: Sublime Stitching, founded in 2001 by Jenny Hart, is most known for their hip and modern iron-on and PDF embroidery patterns -- hence their slogan, This Ain't Your Gramma's Embroidery!™ However, Sublime Stitching also offers lots of fun stuff for you to use for your your next vintage embroidery project like blank textiles ready for your stitchy embellishments and tools like funky scissors and tool cases.


And then, after we all cast our votes via an online poll to be set up at a later date to-be-announced, one of the three category winners will be chosen as the grand prize winner and he/she will receive a box of loot from DMC! -- the embroidery floss that we all know, love, and trust!!! DMC sells all products except thread products on DMC/Charles Craft website, and

Kathleen from Midvale Cottage is donating an uncut, vintage Vogart embroidery pattern for the grand prize winner! It's the super cute Vogart #696, A Kitten A Day to Cheer your Kitchen.

Kathleen's bio: Kathleen learned embroidery as a girl at her mother's knee, embellishing kitchen towel, pillow cases, and other linens. She still treasures the linens embroidered by her mother and aunts. Kathleen's day job (technical writing) currently keeps her from working on the needle arts to the degree that she would like. She is itching to stitch, and is continually inspired by the work she sees on blogs like Feeling Stitchy and Needle 'N Thread. She is also inspired by the amazing number of embroidery techniques and would love to take courses from the Embroiderers' Guild of America. In her spare time, Kathleen enjoys selling vintage embroidery, craft, and sewing patterns in her shop on Etsy,, and blogging at Kathleen also enjoys the other needle arts, including sewing, knitting, and crocheting, not to mention travel, reading and gardening.

Sarah, co-founder, of Missouri Star Quilt Co. is donating a set of 3 natural tea towels to the grand prize winner!

Missouri Star Quilt Co.'s bio: The Missouri Star Quilt Company started three years ago when Jenny and Sarah (mother and daughter) decided to make quilting fun for everyone! They found it so much easier to teach quilting and help people get past the hurdle of their first few projects by using precut quilting fabrics, and have since grown into the worlds largest selection of precuts.
Opening the shop in the small town of Hamilton, Missouri, they found a community excited to rally around their vision and help them succeed. Enlisting the help of the little brother Al, they launched the website and have grown to be shipping orders all over the world from the tiny post office in Hamilton.
The shop now employs amazing people from the community and from within the family still, and we continue to produce high quality tutorials to teach people how fun and easy quilting can (and should) be! Look at for the latest tutorials!



Top left: Color infusions, silk
Top right: 30 skeins of DMC all-time favorites!
Bottom left: Light effects - tropical glow, classical blends, and blender favorites
bottom right: fun notions and aida fabric

(Please note, **only the natural colored tea towels are the prize! The lovely antique Singer sewing machine and quilt are not included!!)


Three participants will receive a pair of PDFs -- chores of the week printable list and chores of the week embroidery pattern -- from Mollie of wild olive-- both inspired by vintage DOW (day-of-the-week) vintage embroidery patterns!

Mollie's bio: Mollie Johanson, a trained graphic designer specializing in print projects, began Wild Olive as an outlet for more whimsical works. Daily dreaming and doodling have resulted in a variety of embroidery and paper projects, most featuring simply expressive faces. Mollie, based in a far western suburb of Chicago, commutes daily to her in-home studio via the coffee pot.

One participant will receive a set of 5 notecards inspired by vintage embroidery and apron patterns from Kirsten from Turn-of-the-Centuries!

Kirsten's bio: I'm an architect and historian with a love of places and things that tell a story through their very fibres - worn brick streets, white-flecked clapboards, beautifully outdated wallpaper and fabrics.
Turn-of-the-Centuries prints are inspired by this tactile history. A street grid, the architectural details of a building, a wall patterned and aged are evidence of a period and symbols for a story. My aim is to build a Collection of my favorite things, in drawings.
I draw by hand. The drawings are transformed into prints, books, and note cards, often collaged with other textures and patterns and produced through digital and material methods for a layered effect. I make drawings to understand and appreciate something that inspires. My greatest gratification is to find someone also appreciates the inspiration and my re-presentation. In addition to Kirsten's shop, she also has a blog.

Three participants will receive an e-book, Little Book of Embroidery volume 1, from Emily of The Floss Box. (See Emily's bio above)

From the Missouri Star Quilt Co., one participant will receive a box of 10 Double Irish Chain quilting notecards! (See company bio above)

Check back with the New Embroidery with Vintage Pattern Group on Wednesday, July 25 to find out who the three categories winners are and to learn how to cast your vote for the grand prize winner! The grand prize winner will be announced on Monday, July 30! Door prizes will also be announced on Monday, July 30 too! Don't miss the big contest re-cap post on Saturday, July 28 for the feelingstitchy blog! Get those needles threaded and start stitching!

There is no need to "sign-up" for the contest. But feel free to post any questions, comments, and/or chit-chat below!

**this contest announcement also appears on my blogbut all minor revisions to contest rules will be posted here, I will not be updating my blog post. So please read everything here carefully!**
giddy99 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by giddy99 (member) 7 years ago
Oh wow!!! Look at all those awesome prizes!
Mary Wald 7 years ago
Bethie, you have out done ever contest I have ever seen. The categories, the clear directions, the prizes, it's all so very, very wonderful!
anyakase1 7 years ago
Wow This is out standing! good job Bethie! Now I just have to pick something to do! Very excited! thanks for doing this!
anyakase1 7 years ago
Can you combine patterns?
unconventionalkatie 7 years ago
Ooo I need to find time to enter in at least one category.
Stitcher's Revolution 7 years ago
So excited to be a part of this awesome contest! Can't wait to see all the entries!

Happy Stitching All!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 7 years ago
Thanks for the compliment on the "clear directions." I was concerned there were waaaaay too many words and rambling ;)

Regarding your question on combining patterns. Yes, I think combining 2 or more vintage embroidery transfers would be one way to interpret the "modified pattern" contest category. Just make sure to take include BOTH (or more) images in the first comment. If you need further clarification, please reply back publicly so everyone can benefit from this info.
xperimentl 7 years ago
Awesome contest. I can already tell we're going to have some stiff competition!
anyakase1 7 years ago
Do the patterns have to be in the hoop love group? I have a pattern I know is vintage but it's not in the group. I could post it there if that would help. :) ( thought it was in there but I didn't see it.)
Mary Wald Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Mary Wald (member) 7 years ago
Great question!

Any vintage pattern can be used. If it is currently copyrighted it cannot be scanned and loaded onto Flickr, because that violates copyright law.

If this is the case just let us know who what where and when the pattern is from, because we love this stuff!

Vintage used to be categorized as twenty-five years and older, but now it has changed to fifteen years and older. This means any pattern published prior to 1997 can be used.

Thank you so much for asking.
ludicrous truck [deleted] 7 years ago
good question and I'm glad was able to jump in and answer it! I have updated the contest rules accordingly. There is now an extra bit (in italics) in the "VINTAGE EMBROIDERY PATTERN SOURCES" section. And if you are using your own vintage embroidery pattern from your own stash, there is now a rule in the "**Photo caption requirement part 2:" section to explain what to say.

**However, multiple sources on the Internet are still saying that 25 years or older is "vintage." That is the definition I would like to go with as 15 years doesn't seem "old" enough to me and 1997 doesn't seem that long ago**

I also updated the Colonial Patterns' bio to include a PDF link that will take you to a summary of their company's history.
Mary Wald 7 years ago
Thank YOU Bethie! I don't think so either. Besides, it makes me feel so much older than I really am!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 7 years ago
yay, glad you agree with going with the 25+ years or older......
thecraftersapprentice 7 years ago
I'm perhaps being thick, but I can't figure out how to enter!
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 7 years ago
Join the group, which it seems you've already done since you posted a comment so you're halfway there ;) Stitch up something fantastic that fits in with one of the three contest categories and then add your photo(s) to the group pool -- of course following all the rules and other information above. Hope that helps!

P.S. I edited the big contest entry for clarification in the "how to enter the contest" section.
Mary Wald 7 years ago
I have so many ideas. Two have already been drawn up and discarded. This is so exciting! Feel free to share progress photos folks. Remember, this is supposed to fun!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 7 years ago
P.S. I'd like to add that while I made a couple of revisions/clarifications to the huge contest announcement today and a couple of days ago, I do not plan to do this once the contest officially begins tomorrow. Of course, I will still answer any questions or concerns y'all may have.
LisaLady161 7 years ago
Oh, mama! I have to make time for this contest. Bethie, you have outdone yourself!

Can't wait to see the entries!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 7 years ago
thanks for the compliment, but the round of applause really needs to go to our super generous prize sponsors!

Today the contest officially begins! YAY!!!!
starsfordefense 6 years ago
Looking forward to seeing the submissions--and trying to convince myself to put mine down for a minute to do other stuff! Thanks for organizing. :)
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
Thank you! I know I was being thick, I can't help it! I really hope I get time to get this done as it looks like great fun
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
no problem, glad to have you join us!

nope you were not being thick at all ;) Hope you can find some time to squeeze in some stitching!
love to sew 6 years ago
Very cool. Hope to get something started. Thanks for all your hard work getting this put together. :)

ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
hi everyone! It's been 1 week since the contest officially begin, hope y'all are having fun with the 3 themes, and I look forward to adding more photos to our contest galleries!
giddy99 6 years ago
I've had all kinds of interference since I started my entry! I'm hoping I'll finish in time...
sewloveembroidery 6 years ago
I am currently making my entry for the modified category and hope to have enough time to embroider something for the summer category as well. I am new to flickr and only have a few project type photos up so far. I would LOVE to have some more contacts, there are so many wonderful artists here and would welcome 'friend requests' and joining other groups! I am making a state flower embroidered quilt and so far only have those photos up, and this is the FIRST vintage or any pattern I have ever modified, hope to have done well enough to compete with all of you amazing and talented people! Anyhow just wanted to say Hello and hopefully meet some new flickr friends. :) Have a great summer weekend!
Danidot 6 years ago
This will be my first appearance in flickr. I've been lurking for a long time. I'll be figuring it out as I go. But I'm stitching like a madwoman! So excited to enter. It looks like many of my stitching idols will be entering, this will be a tough contest! Good luck everyone, I can't wait to see all the finished projects!
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
I hope you can finish in time too! I admit I'm concerned since there are a bazillion prizes (thank you generous prize sponsors!!!) and only 2 entries so far ;)

hi and welcome! i'm so glad to hear you will be participating in our contest.

as for making flickr friends and joining groups........
(1)if you carefully move your mouse over flickr people's avatars or icons, you'll see a drop down arrow, from there you can click 'add so-and-so as a contact' and "friend" as many people as you want. whoever you add as a contact will get a message in their "recent activity" the next time they log in so they can add you too ;)
(2)you also can view people's "profiles" and see what groups they are in....

hello and welcome, and i'm glad you've come out from the shadows and are here! i look forward to adding your contest entry to the gallery!
annepoptart 6 years ago
I'm so entering this contest! I know I can stitch to the summer theme in 3 weeks barring disaster. Am I right in assuming all the patterns in the Hoop Love group qualify?

This is so much fun!

ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
yes, your assumption is correct, all the patterns in hoop love group qualify. glad to have you join us!
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
[] don't worry, it's just that embroidery takes time, i think we'll all come in right on the wire!!
Mary Wald 6 years ago
This is a wonderful way to meet fun, creative people!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
well put, i think you are right ;)

i know! 100 new people have joined the group since the contest announcement was published!
anyakase1 6 years ago
I have one entry done and am working on the second. I hope to have all three done in time! Exciting!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago

**and as a reminder to all particpants** please review the rules carefully so that your photo title/tags/captions contain all the required information.
Mary Wald Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mary Wald (member) 6 years ago
[ ]Some friends are insisting that I submit my "one pattern many stitchers" towel. I think I fixed the title and tags correctly. Hmm, maybe I'll just go check again.
Danidot 6 years ago
I uploaded my entry to the group. This is literally my first upload to flickr ever, so I hope I did it correctly. If not, hopefully I can figure out how to fix it. :)
Mary Wald Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mary Wald (member) 6 years ago
Your piece is amazing! Your title and tags need to have added information in order to be entered into the contest. Scroll on up there, it is easy peasy to do.

Fabulous stitching!
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
thanks for your entry, and the NEwVP group is honored to have your 1st upload ever ;)

thanks for the help!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
** Hi everyone, I just added some extra clarification for the modified pattern category in case you use a vintage image not in hoop love. There are new instructions on how to still be able to insert the image(s) into your 1st comment box**
Klucking Bear 6 years ago
Can I use a vintage graphic from Graphics Fairy (copyright free)? I don't know that the design was originally for embroidery, but looks to be quite open to it.
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
I am truly sorry, but since our group is dedicated to creating new embroidery using vintage embroidery patterns, the pattern (graphic/image) you choose must be from an actual vintage embroidery pattern.

I hope this does not discourage you from entering the contest. I only have a handful of original vintage patterns myself, but if you join the "hoop love" group on flickr (see link in contest announcement) maybe you'll be able to find a different vintage embroidery image to use that you love just as much as the one from Graphics Fairy.

Kind regards.
Klucking Bear Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Klucking Bear (member) 6 years ago
I'll take a look on Hoop Love. Thanks for the quick answer :)
Mary Wald Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Mary Wald (member) 6 years ago
Oooh, I love using vintage illustrations for embroidery. Surely you will find something inspiring in vintage patterns too. There are so many types. Have fun!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
thank you for understanding. i do hope you find something that suits your tastes in the hoop love pool.
giddy99 6 years ago
I'm OFFICIALLY freaking out. Only 10 days left to finish my entry!!! ack!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
Admittedly, I'm freaking out a bit too ;) There are only 8 contest entries so far! I am crossing my fingers that there is a photo "avalanche" of sorts, as in lots of photos being uploaded close to the Friday, July 20 deadline.
Mary Wald 6 years ago
I have a feeling that there are going to be constant entries those last three days. Even I am not moving along as fast as I would like. 10 days!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
Gosh, I hope so! Otherwise everyone who has entered so far will be getting a prize and then some, not that that is a bad thing, I was just hoping for a real big turn-out ;)

Well over 100 members have joined the group though since the contest announcement was made so that's good :)
starsfordefense 6 years ago
If those other 100 people are anything like me, it's because they always forget how long their plans will take to execute. At least I'm almost caught up on Breaking Bad?
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
oh dear... I can't see me getting it done in time :0(
giddy99 Posted 6 years ago. Edited by giddy99 (member) 6 years ago
I know that in other contests (remember the Sublime Stitching contest two summers ago?) MOST of the entries were submitted the day before or on the deadline. Y'all will probably get sandbagged! :)

But now I'm going to try harder, in case there's a chance to win multiple prizes... MWAH HA HA HA!!!

just kidding! sort of.. ;)
Mary Wald 6 years ago
Don't worry, the whole point is to have fun!

You are a hoot!

Sure enough, there are more entries already. I only have eyes and french knots left. That's "knot" so bad!
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
hope y'all will be able to make the deadline, if not, please do share your completed pics when the time comes around ;)

well i'm crossing my fingers for bombardment the day before or day of!

"knot" so bad, LOL

and for everyone, there actually is the chance that one could win multiple prizes....

*everyone* who enters is eligible for a door prize

*you can enter more than 1 embroidered piece -- each embroidered contest entry gets your name written down on a slip of paper and put into a hat for the door prizes ;) just keep in mind that each stitchery can only be entered into 1 category.

*and of course, there are 3 category winners who will get prizes and then one of those three winners will become the grand prize winner and win the grand prize loot!
anyakase1 6 years ago
almost done! almost done!, working my little fingers as fast as I can! LOL its going to be very exciting those last few days! ;)
anyakase1 6 years ago
So my vintage pattern has been reprinted (just checked last night) can I still enter it? I have an orginal and thought I could just scan the envelope to avoid copyright.
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
I think since you have the original vintage pattern that the recent re-print should not be an issue so go ahead and still enter that stitchery. however, since the line between new and vintage is a tiny bit blurred in this very specific case, I think you should take a photo of your vintage embroidery pattern's envelope, upload it to your photostream, and then follow the instructions above for how to insert the envelope's photo image into the 1st comment....... make sense?
anyakase1 6 years ago
yes, thank you! :)
giddy99 6 years ago
oh. my. goodness. ONE WEEK LEFT!!!! Just SEVEN DAYS.

What is the cut-off time on July 20th? I looked but didn't see one - if I missed it, I'm sorry!
giddy99 6 years ago
OH, and... I found my (free) vintage pattern on The source is unknown. Is that acceptable for the contest? It never occurred to me until I saw some of the other questions above...

Either way, thanks!
ludicrous truck [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by ludicrous truck (member) 6 years ago
To be fair to everyone, in case there are international people participating, is that the cut-off time is one minute before it becomes Saturday, July 21 in whatever time zone you are in........ So, for example, for those on the east coast in the United States, the cut-off time would be 11:59pm EST on Friday, July 20. For those on the west cost, it would be 2:59am EST on Friday, July 20, etc..... (I will edit the big announcement above accordingly)

And as for your vintage embroidery pattern found on, that is fine, just follow the caption requirement as best as you can, and provide a direct website link to the specific image. Make sure to mention that the manufacturer of the pattern is unknown. (If you are doing the modified pattern category make sure to follow the new revised direction of how to insert a photo [that isn't from flickr] into your first comment.)
giddy99 6 years ago
okie dokie, and many thanks! :) Sorry about the extra work on the time question - I just figure that I'm going to be stitching until the last day. yikes... :)
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
no prob, i had a typo with the date but i just fixed it in my comment and in the contest announcement. best of luck!
Mary Wald 6 years ago
Happy Dance! It's done and loaded. []
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
I've been busy embroidering away and realised I had a question. Does it have to be finished? The item I mean, I know I have to finish all the embroidery, but do I have to make it into something for the competition? I plan to do so but don't think I'll get that done by the deadline
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
You are only be judged on the actual embroidery, so only that needs to be finished. As mentioned above in the judging section, "Many of our NEwVP members not only embroider, but sew and quilt and do other crafts too. But please note, the judges for this contest are only judging the embroidery and not the finished product."
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
Wahoo! I finished it! I hope I uploaded it correctly! Wonder if I can get another one done in time...
sewloveembroidery 6 years ago
Hello!! OK so I have designed and stitche my modified pattern when it totally ripped in half when I was stretching the fabric for the final stitches!!! and this happened TODAY!! july18th!! What time and time ZONE is the photo due by on the 20th? I am an American stationed in Germany with my husband ( he is in the US Army) so knowing the time zone with the time is very important, this way i dont have LESS time to get in the finished product, since i have to re stitch all of my pattern in the next day and a half, time will be of the essance, please message back ASAP otherwise i am going to assume by 1159PM june 20th, central time? PLEASE message back soon, i will be checking back at this often :) thank you for your help on this!!! (are there any late entries for exception? i REALLY did just rip the whole thing by accident and i REALLY want to enter my project.. i worked really hard on this.)
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
ack, what a tragedy! i am soooo sorry to hear this! the contest ends friday, july 20th, at 11:59pm EST. But that makes sense for me since I'm on the East Coast of the United States.

BUT, basically, for whatever time zone you live in, the contest is over at one minute before midnight, one minute before it becomes Saturday, July 20th.

Which, actually now that I'm re-reading your comment, I see that you get it ;)

I am also going to copy & paste what i just wrote and send it to you privately as well......
long-term zoo [deleted] 6 years ago
I didn't want to miss the fun and wanted to join at the last minute... LOL!
Hopefully I made the cut off!
Mary Wald 6 years ago
Yay Bits!
wheekers99 6 years ago
That was a lot of fun, even though I have been working my butt off on it all week long! (My 6 year old told me this morning, "Now, Mama, your contest ends today and you're not done, so you better get to work!)

I hope I did everything right!
Mary Wald 6 years ago
Aww, thanks for giving us the lowdown on your pattern. You are quite the artist to arrange all of those chickens! You seem to be all set. This is so exciting!
Mary Wald 6 years ago

Thanks to Bethie for the contest, our sponsors for the prizes, and all of YOU for working your fingers to the bone. Beautiful stitching EVERYONE!

No we just have to wait for the judging, this might be harder than Christmas.
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
Thank you everyone so much for participating! All the photos have been added to the galleries! Stay tuned for more info later!
ludicrous truck [deleted] 6 years ago
Again, big thanks to everyone! I am closing this discussion thread, but will leave it "open" for viewing. There is a new post-contest announcement and chit-chat discussion thread.
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