barb_stell 8:29am, 17 February 2012
First I give the word to rob_mel about Gerard's work ! Have a nice time and enjoy :) Barbara

Eclectique, surprenante - un dialogue inépuisable entre sensibilité et la reproduction qui n'a lieu qu'une fois. Une représentation extrêmement précise de brillance.

Une surprenante collection, dont je n’étais pas au courant (due à mon absence de Flickr, ces jours derniers). Bien mérité.

Il n'y a pas de photographie abstraite. L'image puise toujours sa source dans le monde qui nous entoure. Le photographe est celui qui sait voir ce que nous ne voyons pas.

Dans certaines de ses photographies, s'y trouve un dialogue inépuisable entre formes, ombres et lumières. Gérard est magnifique. En cherchant à reconnaître, à identifier, il se prend alors à imaginer, à rêver . C'est à travers sa photographie qu'il nous emmène dans un autre monde, parfois ''complexe'', dont la définition connaît des nuances importantes selon ses différents domaines…ainsi que de la multitude d’impacts.

Gérard's world becomes a magical display of vivid perception. Through his photography, we perceive atmospheres through our emotional sensibility - a form of perception that works incredibly quickly and which us humans, evidently need. Looking at his works, we are capable of immediate appreciation of a spontaneous emotional response straight way. Most impactful and most worthy of interest, given the rewards found in the depths of their exploration, some of which are of a world, fragmented and some others, a world that offers seamless unity: a certain opposition between the three ''domains'': of 'intricacy'', ''sincerity'' and ''ingeniously conceptual'' of expression”. Gérard employs a variety of techniques and means of expression through the traditional landscape of photography.

Photography is an immediate reaction. Both the pictorial as well as illusionistic are to be found in some of the works here, and as such, are worthy of attention. There is also in his work a certain "Miksang" which in Tibetan translates as ‘Good Eye’,

By the way , an excellent title for the works presently in this gallery.

Bravo to Gérard for his works and to Barbara for bringing them to us. rob_mel

Vase Lines
Vase Lines


Wandering lights
Wandering lights

Avant la vie
Avant la vie

Noir sur noir
Noir sur noir

Où est Charlie ?
Où est Charlie ?



Chalk show
Chalk show

losy PRO 4 years ago
yes ... fantastic work!!!
Gerard Hermand Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Gerard Hermand (member) 4 years ago
Thank you, Barbara, for curating that exhibition. I'm surprised and so honoured!
I appreciate the good selection you did: it's an excellent point of view on my work.

Thank you, Rob, for your introducing words (specially for "Miksang"!).

Merci !
Rzoog 4 years ago
Excellent title for Ghrem's stunning works!
Où est Charlie ? remains my favourite, but I also like all those distortions and fascinating textures... great selection... pure pleasure... congratulations!
alain vaissiere 4 years ago
Très beau travail avec beaucoup de variété et toujours l'exigence de l'équilibre et de l'esthétique visuelle , bravo Gérard ! Merci Barbara pour cette sélection et ce titre si bien choisi ...
Françoise Lucas PRO 4 years ago
Une superbe variation.
gil walker PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by gil walker (member) 4 years ago
this is a superb exhibition of some very accomplished photography.
tapatim |back home| PRO 4 years ago
incomparable and unique work! *chapeau*
Christelle Diawara 4 years ago
Wonderful work
Rococo57 PRO 4 years ago
yes simply very complex and simply very beautifull !!!!
SteffenTuck PRO 4 years ago
fine work, always a fan
widwur PRO 4 years ago
macro micro retard extend concept compoidea.
zanimo (ailleurs) 4 years ago
Une vision du détail captivante et unique, un travail de longue haleine, Bravo Gerard (et Rob pour ses mots toujours inspirés!)
Lourdes Barcelo 4 years ago
genial exibition!! love it!!
dario grigolato PRO 4 years ago
... what can I say? he is a interesting.
Barbara, thanks for the exibition
delaatinge [deleted] 4 years ago
I only saw it yesterday.. a pleasant surprise!
Thank you Gherm / Gérard and Barbara and Rob for the nice work!
It is great that Flickr can bring this to us.
aiane030 4 years ago
*wow, great exhibition - you all did a great job.. and lots of admiration for these wonderful pictures*
zecaruso 4 years ago
grande Gérard ;-)!
ctodemann PRO 4 years ago
congrats on your superbe work ;p
msdonnalee PRO 4 years ago
excellent exhibit. especially like centrifugation
donvucl PRO 4 years ago
I have always enjoyed and admired Gerard's work on Flickr and it is good to see such a well curated selection here. well done all.
LevaHatter 4 years ago
wonderful collection!
terrific selection of gherm's works!!
•Sarah P• 4 years ago
congratulations! this is quite the collection of images.
yanomano_ 4 years ago
sic ridic !!!
Vasilis Amir 4 years ago
wonderful:) a big world's vision condensed in squares!
Reflectory Images PRO 4 years ago
Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful and thoughtful work.
SteffenTuck PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by SteffenTuck (member) 4 years ago
I have been thinking about your work recently, and I dwell on the poetic and vital.

I see your great and diverse range, and find this inspirational, fluid and ultimately engaging. Your work is truly inspirational in capturing the essence or life in every circumstance you find yourself in, and not limited by subject matter or style. There is always something to yearn and study, and reread at every opportunity.....

Thanks Gérard for capturing and harnessing the MAGIC + POETRY.
zeze57 PRO 4 years ago
nice diversity though similarities are easily found too. In all cases intriguing pics. Rhythm, light and surprise are the first words i think of.
Good work, congrats with a great expo here !
cavarica 4 years ago
Grande Gérard, uno dei miei più illuminanti maestri
widwur PRO 3 years ago
yes simple and complex almost touching the perfection.
Annette LeDuff PRO 3 years ago
Gérard, your work is very captivating and a pleasure to view! Wonderful selection, Barbara!
bonny 18 3 years ago
excellent work, I'm amazed !!!! conratulations ! :-)))
bonny 18 3 years ago
excellent work, I'm amazed !!!! congratulations ! :-)))
twindlie Posted 3 years ago. Edited by twindlie (member) 3 years ago
Wonderful work! It totaly fits the words
artemisia2000 PRO 3 years ago
Bella esposizione!!!!!!!
KagedFish 3 years ago
really a fabulous collection!!!
Beeke... PRO 3 years ago
Congratulation to this so very well deserved exibition!!!
linkwize 3 years ago
Though I have followed Gerard's work for some time now, this is the first I have seen this excellent curated selection which portrays so well the classical formality of composition and phenomenal presence GHERM lends to things
William Weaver PRO 2 years ago
this is lovely
Gerard Hermand 2 years ago

jurek d.
alain vaissiere
Christelle D
Steffen Tuck
Lourdes Barcelo
giò batta
idela j
ms.donnalee / donna cleveland
•Sarah P•
Vasilis Amir
Annette LeDuff
bonny 18 X 2 :-)))
William Weaver

Many thanks!
Grazie mille !
Merci beaucoup !

Reflectory Images PRO 1 year ago
Amazing work! So many powerful impressions.
losy PRO 1 year ago
Dear Rob..... can you please close this expo .??... it is running and running and I think, since Barb is not active since July!.... it is time to close this one and may be start a new one?.... if you need help.... let us know...
Even Gerard said thank you 13 MONTHS AGO! :-)
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