ester B. [deleted] 7:41pm, 19 January 2007
Hiya, welcome! My name is Ester
Rachael C. 11 years ago
Hello. :)
Encantada PRO 11 years ago
Hi Ester..thank you for the invite. Ingrid here :)
tanjadM 11 years ago
Hello everyone!
Thanks for the invite, Ester.
Tanja here
punkinmom {caroline} 11 years ago
Oh, I forgot to say, I'm Caroline.
Hi everyone!
Sassy Walt 11 years ago
Hello everyone, thanks for the invite, I'm Sarah, glad to meet you all!
lifeography® 11 years ago
hi all, i'm stephanie. loving this group...looking forward to seeing your posts and pics!
Roberts Photography 11 years ago
thanks ester!
allieS. 11 years ago
Hullo! Thanks for the invite, Ester!
2skyryders 11 years ago
Hi! Thanks for the invite :)
MY Photography 11 years ago
thanks for the invite, ester! i just changed my screen name so for anyone who doesn't know, i'm michelle.
Mom2three 11 years ago
Thanks for the invite! I am Jorja, mom2three!
Marshmallow Heart 11 years ago
Hello hello, I'm another Sarah. Glad to have been invited, and excited get to know everyone.
KarensJilly [deleted] 11 years ago
Thank you for the invite, I'm Karen
sarahjean05 11 years ago
Add another Sarah to the mix! Thanks for the invite, Ester. :)
phaunt 11 years ago
Hi everyone.. I'm Kylie :)
{See Be Art} Clair Bremner [deleted] 11 years ago
hi thanks for inviting me. names Clair :)
toddlertoes PRO 11 years ago
thanks for the invite,
:0) Heleen/toddlertoes
Elizabeth Pellette PRO 11 years ago
Hello Ester.. thanks for the invite..
thanks for the invite Ester! My name is Irene
custardmonkeys 11 years ago
It will be fun to see where this group goes, thank you for inviting me. Lou
a.licia 11 years ago
Thanks for the invite Ester!

~SusanR~ [deleted] 11 years ago
Hello, thanks for the invite. I'm Susan.
pricedawna 11 years ago
Hi! I'm Dawna
lightsongs 11 years ago
selamat datang from malaysia. kerry here (british expat married to gorgeous indian malaysian hunk who i met in uk). am pleased to be here as LOVE color...and will contribute something soon i promise. some veeeeery cool shots i see already ;)
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