strawbewie 6:39am, 14 January 2013
I'm curious, what was your first Lalaloopsy doll?
Mine was Forest Evergreen (not the mini one).
moosehaves 5 years ago
My daughter's first doll was the 13" Bea Spells A lot.
"We" got her in 2010 and there was no looking back!
btw, we looove Forest! What a gentleman he is;)
KariCacao 5 years ago
My first mini (I don't collect the big ones) was Bun Bun Sticky Icing, found her on a local supermarket (and they're so ultra-mega-rare in my country that I HAD to take her :D).
kibblesthepig 5 years ago
After much debate, I got Spot. I wish I had gone with my other choice Dot since they only made 1 version of her!!
nmi.nowak 5 years ago
I love Mini Lalaloopsy. Today I bought Pete R. Canfly. I was planning to buy a girl, but he was the last one Mini in shop (except of playsets), and I just couldn't go home without him.

He was my first Mini, but I'm pretty sure, that he's not the last ;)
RagingMoon1987 5 years ago

Blossom Flowerpot was my first Lalaloopsy, and so far she's my only one. I'd like to get her new sister and a couple of the Lala-Oopsies.
ChristmasGoulevitch 5 years ago
My first was Crumb sugar cookie, I can't stop have 42 n counting excluding the minis
misaki doll 5 years ago
Spot Splatter Splash - full size one
-relocating- 5 years ago
13" Misty <3333
Dollsville USA Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Dollsville USA (member) 5 years ago
Mini Ace Fender Bender Silly fun House. That was two weeks ago and now I have eleven of them!
Peppy Pom Poms
Yuki_87 3 years ago
Mine was the first Jewel Sparkles Mini.
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