tomboy_sandee 6:26pm, 8 November 2011
This is beyond cute! It's nice to see they're thinking of different angles and coming out with younger Lalaloopsies is a really adorable idea. I haven't stopped squee-ing over her since I saw this!

Presenting... Squirt Lil' Top

I just found this pic as well! Possibly Crumbs Sugar Cookie's little sister?
Happily Candied PRO 7 years ago
Yes! They're called Lalaloopsy Littles and they're the little sisters of current Lalaloopsy dolls. ^___^ You can see the first four in the series here:

little lalaloopsy by remarkable story
que bonitassss.
tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
Omg they're all so cute! x3 I'm gonna get a cavity looking at that. The worst part is I don't even have a Lalaloopsy yet because I've been waiting for the perfect one, and now with the Littles I'm never going to be able to decide!
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