tsubasa_ozora.rm PRO 1:00am, 5 November 2011
I know that Lalaloopsys are mass produced dolls, but all but one of them I've bought online has had some kind of paint defect on their face. Little scuffs on parts that are supposed to be painted black are easy enough to repaint, but what about paint smears on areas of the face where there isn't supposed to be any paint?

I was lucky enough not to get any dolls with extremely noticeable paint smears on their faces, but my sister recently bought a Peanut Big Top off qvc.com that had a big black smear right in the center of her face. I've used 100% acetone to remove stains from other soft vinyl heads, and thankfully, after I did a patch test on the back of one of my own poor doll's heads to make sure the vinyl wasn't damaged, I managed to remove the stain from Peanut's face and she looks as good as new!

Obviously, this doesn't do anything for flaws in the eyes/blush/mouth, but I thought I'd pass along the tip for anybody who has a paint-splattered Lalaloopsy and wants to get them cleaned up. ^_^
tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
Thanks for the tip! Do you know if it would also work on their facial features, such as Tippy's stars by her eyes?
tsubasa_ozora.rm PRO 7 years ago
Are you trying to remove the stars? If so, acetone should take them off no problem.
tomboy_sandee 7 years ago
Thanks! I'm also thinking about if I end up getting Sprinkle Spice Cookie because she has a "chocolate stain" on her cheek that I'm not too fond of
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