nikita2471 7:31pm, 18 October 2011
So far, within the past month, I have found 23 of the mini Lalas from series 1-5. I'm still hunting for the rest to finish off what has been currently put out in stores.

As of right now, I haven't taken any of them out of the box but I'm itching to do so as they are taking up too much room in my closet (not counting the 2 huge Lalas I bought from Target this week on sale).

I was wondering, any of you toss the boxes or do you keep them? If you do keep them (the backgrounds), do you have any particular way of storing them?
et.iana 7 years ago
I decided to keep the boxes because of the backgrounds but I store the boxes separately than the minis, in plastic tubs in my basement. Because I want to keep the plastic casing the minis sit in I store them as is and haven't flattened the boxes. Once out of the packages the minis take up very little space, they happily sit on a shelf that has cubbies in it :)
Leenechan PRO 7 years ago
I only have one Lalaloopsy so far, but I deboxed her right away. I just stuffed the box in my closet, but I'll probably end up tossing it in the end. It was hard enough to get Suzette out of that box. There's no way I'm putting her back in! The boxes are just too big to keep!

I might feel differently if I had a mini Lala, because the display boxes are pretty cute...
missymelissann PRO 7 years ago
I tossed all of the boxes, was going to keep the little houses for display but then I got the carry along house.
misaki doll 7 years ago
I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't removed my minis yet (but I want to!) and not sure if I will keep the boxes or not when I do. The large ones get immediately removed from their boxes and the boxes get tossed. Just too big...the dolls themselves are already taking up too much space (not that I mind though).
dollylover62 7 years ago
Hi, I have been a doll collector for over 25 years, Debox your dolls and play with them.. life is too short to stare at a doll in a box.. there is no real money in collecting Novelty dolls, like Strawberry Shortcake or mass made Barbie dolls.. Any auctioneer would tell you, the real money is in Antique and very rare dolls...
When you add in the storage space a doll takes up in our homes, the work to get it sold and would get back only pennies...
Entertain your child within.. what can be more priceless.
Instead you are wasting precious time staring at a box wondering if it will be worth anything in a year or two.. Over 45 Minis de-boxed so far..and counting!
The Blythe Banner PRO 7 years ago
I have deboxed all of my minis. I have most of the boxes...but am thinking of getting rid of them... or putting them in the basement. They are so flimsy that they aren't that much fun to play with... Especially now that the treehouse and house are available.
acrid passenger [deleted] 6 years ago
What I do is for the big dolls is throw out the garbage I don't need and keep the boxes, except for the first two dolls I got, in total I have ten dolls q(❂‿❂)p
SmittenKitten1976 PRO 6 years ago
i tossed them because it was taking up way too much room...big and small
the backgrounds are cute but it was fun stuffing all of them in my recycle bin
shortverk 6 years ago
I've de-boxed all of mine, but their boxes with their little accessories stay in a separate tub that's away in my closet while they're on display. Maybe it's because I find the little scenes too cute, but I only have six so they don't take up that much room.
strawbewie 6 years ago
I cut my boxes and I decided to scrap book the image and throw away the rest
I toss the boxes... I keep the little girls on the Ferry Wheel or in the carry along house. The only big girl I have is on a shelf...
moosehaves 6 years ago
Hi ladies!
My 4 year old daughter and I have a lala lot of lalas big and little.
I think this is a very interesting topic.
We have our mini boxes stored in the big play treehouse box. So when her treehouse and mini dollhouse just isnt enough we can play with them!:) Or inspect them as they are SEW adorable!! They sort of "nest" in one another when stored. And when the minis are resting they are in one of those big plastic ice cream containers.
As for the biggies I take the basics from the box like the tag, the handle...sometimes the "pop-up" piece inside the box and of course the poster.
I have seen some amazing things done with the handles which is whole n'other topic......
-relocating- 5 years ago

That is SUCH a good idea! :D
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