Minis by series?

nikita2471 11:22pm, 25 September 2011
Is there a blog or website (other than the official one) that shows each mini by series? I just started collecting and I want to see pictures of those that I've missed so I can try to find them.
zerodot71 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by zerodot71 (member) 7 years ago
Funny you should mention this - I've been tracking them in an excel spread sheet, and I just set up a new folder on my photostream for just this purpose. I should have it completed within the next day or two.

I finally finished collecting all of series four this weekend, and found three from series five! It's madness ... all without paying crazy 'bay prices, too.

We can't forget all the ones that come with the playsets, too! Or the two (so far) Target Exclusives.

Does anyone else hope that Holly Sleighbells becomes a Mini Lala for Target? :)

And if you want to get really crazy, there was a mini that came with a Moxie girl doll a while back, too.
zerodot71 Posted 7 years ago. Edited by zerodot71 (member) 6 years ago
Here is a list of the Mini Lalaloopies by Series

Series One
#1 Pillow Featherbed
#2 Crumbs Sugar Cookie
#3 Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff
#4 Peanut Big Top
#5 Spot Splatter Splash
#6 Jewel Sparkles
#7 Dot Starlight
#8 Bea Spells-a-Lot

Series Two
#1 Sunny Side Up
#2 Berry Jars 'n' Jam
#3 Blossom Flowerpot
#4 Tippy Tumblelina
#5 Pepper Pots 'n' Pans
#6 Misty Mysterious
#7 Sahara Mirage
#8 Marina Anchors

Series Three
#1 Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff 2nd Ed (Mitten's Sleepover)
#2 Spot Splatter Splash 2nd Ed (Spot Paints Purple)
#3 Peanut Big Top 2nd Ed (Peanut's New Tricks)
#4 Pillow Featherbed 2nd Ed (Pillow's Story Time)
#5 Sir Battlescarred
#6 Lady Stillwaiting
#7 Ace Fender Bender
#8 Swirly Figure Eight

Series Four
#1 Bea Spells-a-Lot 2nd Ed (Bea Plays in the Rain)
#2 Marina Anchors 2nd Ed (Marina's Beach Day)
#3 Pepper Pots 'n' Pans 2nd Ed (Pepper's Midnight Snack)
#4 Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff 3rd Ed (Mittens Bundles Up)
#5 Marina Anchors 3rd Ed (Marina's Sea Adventure)
#6 Misty Mysterious 2nd Ed (Misty's Full of Tricks)
#7 Sahara Mirage 2nd Ed (Sahara's Desert Dream)
#8 Pepper Pots 'n' Pans 3rd Ed (Pepper Cooks Up Fun)

Series Five
#1 Peanut Big Top 3rd Ed (Peanut's Elephant Act)
#2 Crumbs Sugar Cookie 3rd Ed (Crumb's Tea Time)
#3 Jewel Sparkles 2nd Ed (Jewel's Bubble Bath)
#4 ???
#5 Lady Stillwaiting 2nd Ed (Lady Writes a Poem)
#6 Spot Splatter Splash 3rd Ed (Spot's New Masterpiece)
#7 Patch Treasurechest (Patch's Treasurehunt)
#8 Forest Evergreen

Series Six
#1 Ember Flicker Flame
#2 Peppy Pom Poms
#3 Berry Jars 'n' Jam 2nd Ed (Berry's Blueberry Party)
#4 Blossom Flowerpot 2nd Ed (Blossom's a Busy Bee)
#5 Suzette La Sweet
#6 Rosie Bumps 'n' Bruise
#7 Prairie Dusty Trails
#8 Toffee Cocoa Cuddles

Series Seven - Lalaloopsy Tales
#1 Scarlet Riding Hood
#2 Little Bah Peep
#3 Tuffet Miss Muffet
#4 Curls 'n' Locks
#5 Pix E. Flutters
#6 Coral Sea Shells
#7 Pete R. Canfly
#8 Snowy Fairest

Lalaloopsy Tales Two Packs (not part of series)
Wacky Hatter & Alice in Lalaloopsyland
Prince Handsome & Cinder Slippers

UPDATE 1/28/2012 to complete Series #6 and Series #7
nikita2471 7 years ago
zerodot71: YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much for the list!
zerodot71 7 years ago
You are very welcome :) Glad to be able to help you out! When I get all of their pictures up, I'll let you know. When I was buying them, I started to worry that I was buying duplicates, so I started "tracking" them. I'm such a dork.
nikita2471 7 years ago
Yeah, that is why I was trying to find a list! Don't want duplicates either.
Question: are the figures in the school portrait set the same as the first series?
zerodot71 7 years ago
Yes, the figures in the school portrait set are the original eight in series one.
zerodot71 7 years ago
I finally have all the photos up in my photostream for reference if anyone is interested. I created sets for each series, the playsets, and the exclusives.
et.iana 7 years ago
Thank you SO much zerodot for this list! I've been keeping my own but it's nice to have yours for comparison, yours was much more complete than mind. Also, I really appreciate you doing the photos. It's super handy to have a visual reference - thanks a bunch! :)
et.iana 7 years ago
Oh and I forgot, I really hope Target comes out with an exclusive for Christmas too!
zerodot71 7 years ago
My pleasure :) I'm glad that you find it helpful. I had fun doing it. It also helped me to organize my collection and make sure I had them all.
et.iana 7 years ago
zeredot, I just bought a couple of minis today and don't see them on the list. I bought Crumbs Tea Time and it says 3rd edition. It's on your series 5 as a 2nd edition - did you mean to put 3rd?

Thanks again for your awesome list, it really helps me to stay organized!
zerodot71 7 years ago
Updated the mini list, and also posted a screen cap of a couple of possible new minis from TRU - Fairytale themed Red Riding Hood, and a two pack of The Mad Hatter & Alice! I haven't seen anything on the Lalaloopsy FB page about these yet. So many minis!
et.iana 7 years ago
Thanks for the update zerodot!
The Blythe Banner PRO 7 years ago
et.iana - yes...I think Crumbs Tea Time is 3rd edition...which doesn't make any sense, since she is just the 2nd one to come out. Unless they are counting the playset...but they don't seem to be counting the other girls' playsets and editions.
zerodot71 6 years ago
Updated the list! I just found the rest of Series Six! We finally got our mini Suzette La Sweet :)

Since Toffee Cocoa Cuddles is in this series, too, it confirms for me that we probably won't see a VD Target Exclusive. I'll keep looking though, just in case.

I still hope that they fill in the blank for that elusive #4 of Series 5. Could it be Dot Starlight? Who wants to speculate with me?
Renka 1/2 6 years ago
Or Mango Tiki-Wiki ?
benthemeek 6 years ago
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