Ɲ¡ƙƙ¡ 5:18pm, 18 July 2011
People have made the point that we have 20 Lalas out already how many more are they going to make?As said by a mother "Sady I think Lala decided they liked the cash flow and are going to end up over producing themselves off the market."
Do you think this is true?
Lily Reveles 7 years ago
Sounds about right, but at least they are dolls and not stuffies. I prefer dollies. :)
The Blythe Banner PRO 7 years ago
I was just thinking that they are making so many so fast! If you started out wanting to collect them all, I don't think you would still be able to have that plan. Yes, lalas are way cuter than beanie babies...but they are more expensive and take up a lot more space. My opinion is that they should slow down the release of them...it is getting overwhelming.
zerodot71 7 years ago
Agreed - they're flooding us with too many new releases at once. It's hard to keep up, but it is admittedly, part of the fun of collecting. I will collect all the minis, but I will only buy the big ones if they are really, really cute to me due to the size.
angelfish_68 PRO 7 years ago
I think that happens with every 'popular' line. Even with blythe to a certain extent. Although I think there are a lot of new Lalas coming out I think Monster High is even worse...love them but the uneven distribution of certain characters along with too many releases and gift packs have made my interest wane. I'm not bored with the new Lalas..:)
kis4kristen 7 years ago
Sadly I think they will, and that's when people will go to eBay and triple the price. Ive gotten to the point where I'm not trying to collect anymore because the way I have seen people act over these dolls is a turn off. I want a hobby to be fun, and this isn't fun anymore.
chocchip PRO 7 years ago
I'd just wish they'd release more of them into the UK. We've only had the first original 8 mini dolls so far (or however many there were).
misaki doll 7 years ago
I kind of agree with this. Especially with the minis - I can't believe how many there are now and I'm having a very hard time keeping up! But this happens with all hot dolls. I agree with Angelfish about Monster High. Again, too much too quickly. I'm slowly losing interest in collecting them, but I will keep what I have and only buy what I love from now on.
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